On September 19, the 2nd Global Laser Display Technology and Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing. Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, said at the forum that the critical point of the laser TV market has arrived. In the future, Hisense will share 1,000 patents with the industry within five years, and mass-produce curly-screen laser TVs next year, launching 8K laser TVs and 10,000 lumens. The above commercial laser TVs will also fully launch the expansion plan of laser TV production lines, double the production capacity of laser TVs in Qingdao base, and start the production plan of laser TVs in overseas production bases.

“We are hearing the knock on the door of the laser era more and more clearly,” said Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group.

As an emerging technology in the display industry, laser display is developing rapidly. In the past year, technological progress has been getting faster and faster, and new players around the world have been pouring into the application track of laser display technology. Since the launch of the world’s first 100-inch laser TV in 2014, Hisense TV has completed 5 update iterations in 6 years, realizing a full-size large-screen product layout from 75 inches to 120 inches. As of July 2020, Hisense TV has applied for 1,159 related technology patents in the application of laser display technology.

Public information shows that the iterative upgrade of display technology brought by laser display is driving a new round of structural growth in the entire color TV industry. Industry giants have rearranged and fully expanded their laser display product lines: In 2019, LG exhibited laser products at CES. In the first half of this year, LG had two laser products sold on JD.com, targeting giant-screen home theaters; recently, Samsung also launched Two laser display products have been developed, applying technologies such as ultra-short focus and HDR10+, and supporting projection sizes of 120 inches and 130 inches. The first batch of products will be sold in Europe, America and the local market of South Korea.

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Zhou Houjian of Hisense Group said, “After six years of market sales, hundreds of thousands of high-end users have a good experience with the laser TV products launched by Hisense TV, which makes us more and more convinced that this is a good product with technological leadership.” In the future, Hisense TV will continue to adhere to all-round and multi-field technology research and development, double the expansion plan to start the laser TV production line in Qingdao, and will also start production of laser TV overseas.

From the competition of spring and beauty to the true blooming of a hundred flowers, the road is still tortuous and long, but no matter from which perspective, the critical point of the explosion of the laser TV market has come.

Feng Xiaoxi, vice president of the China Electronic Video Industry Association, said at the press conference: “my country is in a leading position in the global market in terms of the number of laser display patent applications, the manufacturing capacity of complete machines, and the market size of laser TVs. Hisense, Leading companies such as Changhong and Appotronics have driven the localization process of key components in the laser display industry chain such as laser light sources, imaging chips, lenses, and screens. A dynamic and prosperous laser display landscape is taking shape.”
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