The rise of wearable devices has undoubtedly become a new growth point and development direction of medical electronic industry. Since 2009, China’s medical industry has experienced several years of rapid growth, and the growth rate has gradually stabilized in the past two years. Market researchers and major technology giants expect to make great progress in wearable medical devices, telemedicine, mobile medicine and information intelligent platform in 2014.

Reality: the current situation of population and medical treatment in China

Now China is entering an aging society. It is estimated that the number of the elderly population will exceed 200 million in 2013, reaching 202 million, and the aging level will reach 14.8%. According to the prediction of the National Working Committee on aging, the number of visits for the elderly in China will increase from 1.24 billion to 3.35 billion from 2010 to 2050. In the face of people’s increasing medical needs, how to meet people’s medical needs under the existing resource allocation has become an important issue. Medical information construction has become an important means and support for medical reform.

In the field of medical electronics, which application equipment market is the most promising

The era of using medical records to record all the information of doctors and patients has gone forever in the first tier cities. Instead, it is the recording and storage of medical information by various electronic devices. It can be as small as the registration system and prescribing procedure of the hospital, and as large as the receiving of various information of patients and transfer information. With the development of information technology, the Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology in the medical field gradually from behind the scenes to the front.

With the popularity of wearable devices and people’s attention to their health in 2014, they are no longer going to see a doctor only when they are ill in the past, but they are paying more and more attention to their own physical condition. Therefore, wearable devices are no longer empty talk, among which the demand of emerging medical care such as mobile medical, personal health care and telemonitoring drives the rapid development of the market. With the continuous progress of the overall level of science and technology, especially the development of electronic technology, the intellectualization of electronic medical products is the general trend. From the technical level, sensors, analog and mixed signal processing technology, wireless transmission and data processing technology will be the important core technology of medical electronics.

Forecast: in the field of medical electronics, which application equipment market is the most promising?

1. Intelligent terminal product market with health function

The combination of medical electronics and intelligent terminals forms a new wearable device, and the other is attached to smart phones and computer terminals. With the maturity of technology, the related mobile health care electronic equipment in the field of sports health care is more and more popular. This kind of mobile electronic medical products will usher in rapid growth. In 2014, due to the favorable guidance of policies and the updating of new technology, the market will usher in a year of sudden development. We have reason to believe that there will be more brands of intelligent terminal products with health function in the market. Relevant data shows that by 2015, more than 50% of mobile phone users will use mobile medical applications, such as smart capsules, smart wristbands, and intelligent health detection products. With the help of smart handheld terminals and sensors, health data can be measured and transmitted effectively.

2. Equipment end of data acquisition and monitoring

At the same time, the device side of data acquisition and monitoring puts forward new requirements for electronic components, such as high integration to achieve small size, low power consumption to achieve long-term battery work, cost control to achieve home and personal application market expansion. At the same time, technology and program services are equally important, especially for new medical equipment providers. The greater change is that the demand for single electronic components is much larger than that in the traditional medical electronic field, and the required delivery cycle is much faster. For suppliers, it is particularly important to change the original supply and service mode.

Future development trend

With the development of the technology of electronic diagnosis and treatment, the early-warning results and suggestions for the medical devices can be given more and more.

The progress of medical electronics, in essence, is the electronic technology with the improvement of people’s health needs and inevitable. With the difference of individual health care needs, new requirements are put forward for the design of medical equipment and supporting semiconductor components, which gives the semiconductor industry another new development opportunity. The real start-up of the medical electronic market will not only affect the medical service industry itself, but also directly touch the interest chain including network suppliers, system integrators, wireless equipment suppliers and telecom operators, thus affecting the existing layout of the electronic communication industry.

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