On September 15th, the news of Huawei’s Kirin chip supply cut off made people focus again on the processor that is only the size of a fingernail. Everyone knows that the manufacturing process of the chip is very complicated and cumbersome.

Just the lithography equipment requires about 100,000 parts to be assembled. However, it is not only the lithography machine, the manufacturing equipment of the chip, that is stuck. In the field of chip IC design, EDA software is also a problem that domestic chips are eager to solve.

What is EDA software?

EDA software is an important piece of software for chip design, if only by hand to sort transistors one by one. It is basically unrealistic for the tens of billions of transistors in a processor to be sorted in a short period of time. The EDA software is to automate this process, thereby reducing the workload of chip designers.

However, according to relevant statistics: 95% of the EDA software in the international market currently uses products developed by three American companies, Cadence, Synopsys, and Mentor.

These American companies are constantly updated in the database of EDA software, if there is no way to obtain the latest version of the database. Even if you have the architectural license of the chip, the design process and workload of the chip will be greatly increased. Only when you have the ability to design a good chip can you make a chip.

The importance of EDA software is no less than that of lithography machines, and it is also a more critical step in the field of chip manufacturing.

good news! EDA software ushered in a breakthrough

Recently, Huada Jiutian, the largest EDA software market in China, officially announced a new news at the China IC Manufacturing Annual Conference: Huada Jiutian will launch a one-stop wafer manufacturing engineering service, relying on its own software design platform and EDA develops resources, breaks foreign technology monopoly, and provides technical support for domestic IC chip design companies.

It is reported that Huada Jiutian is the largest EDA software developer in China, and its domestic market share is not inferior to the three American EDA software companies. At the same time, Huadajiu also launched Foundry's dedicated EDA tool, which also has its own technical advantages in the performance of processing software.

On May 15 this year, three EDA software companies in the United States announced that they would terminate their cooperation with Huawei. Although the previous version of the EDA software license is still available, it is no longer realistic to want to upgrade the latest database.

The EDA software developed by BGI Jiutian will undoubtedly break the monopoly of the western market on us. In the field of chip design, China can still rely on its own software. Since then, the technological breakthrough of lithography machine products, domestic high-end chips will also complete the domestic design and manufacture.

Bill Gates was right

On September 17, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in an interview: "Now, (the United States) is forcing them (China) to make their own chips, which means that (some people) in the United States will lose high-paying jobs in the future. … China would be completely self-sufficient as a result."

Today, whether it is the research of lithography machine products or the EDA software required for chip design, good news has been reported in China one after another.

The withdrawal of the three EDA software giants from the Chinese market has brought better prior conditions for the development of Huada Jiutian.

In the field of chip manufacturing, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also revealed: "The current localized chip manufacturing process has been able to produce 28nm/14nm chip products."

In the field of chip manufacturing, China is by no means blank. Today's breakthrough in EDA software has also proved the determination of the domestic semiconductor industry, and domestic chips have finally ushered in their own new situation.

write at the end

At present, the development speed of China's semiconductor industry is very rapid, especially in the layout of high-end chip technology manufacturing. China has even far surpassed European and American countries. For example, in the research of carbon-based semiconductors, China has already achieved technological advantages.

Although in some technologies, China will still encounter the status quo of stuck necks. However, under the continuous research of scientific researchers, I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved, and the same is true for lithography machines.

To borrow the words of the founder of BYD, "No matter how difficult a lithography machine is, it is not made by God." As long as you concentrate on research, there will be a breakthrough day sooner or later! What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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