The exhibition hall was held ceremoniously. The exhibition covers a total area of 50000 square meters, bringing together more than 700 exhibitors from home and abroad. The exhibits include the latest, cutting-edge and most advanced self-service sales, new retail industry and new technology, including self-service sales, unmanned retail, commercial payment system and equipment, fresh distribution and cold chain technology, and supermarket equipment.

As the market pioneer and leader of Internet of things and M2M industry in China, Acer was invited to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition, Acer focused on displaying a variety of intelligent industrial control products and the new 5g + Intelligent retail scheme for the first time, which attracted the strong interest and attention of the on-site audience and commercial self-service equipment buyers and became the highlight of the exhibition.

Industrial personal computer (IPC), the industrial control brand designated by domestic self-service equipment operators, is a rich product portfolio of industrial personal computer. According to the customer demand of commercial self-service equipment, the product portfolio of high-performance version, high stability version, high cost performance version and other different chemical personal computers, all-in-one computers, industrial control boards, etc. are customized, involving more than 10 types of products, It can be said that it is one of the most abundant enterprises in the industry to release 4G industrial control wireless communication equipment.

Acer IPC supports rockchip, Freescale, allwinner multi platform R & D and design. The industrial computer based on Android and Linux platform integrates industrial computer, 4G router and controller. It has the characteristics of high integration, low cost and strong scalability. It is the core brain of all kinds of self-service terminals.

In the face brushing era, 5g + smart retail solution drives retail scene innovation

At present, we have also established a cooperative relationship with the leading domestic commercial self-service equipment operators. The product series of Acer Industrial computer has been successfully applied to the commercial self-service terminals such as smart container, convenient self-service terminal, vending machine and entertainment self-service terminal to meet the needs of face payment, image processing, wireless communication, intelligent control and cloud operation and maintenance, At the same time, it can also be used in industrial control, industrial automation, medical device networking monitoring and other scenarios.

In the face brushing era, there is an urgent demand for smart container face brushing payment scheme

The smart container of face brushing payment displayed on the exhibition site attracts visitors to experience one after another. Without scanning code to pay, you just need to point your face at the face brushing camera to instantly recognize the bound mobile phone number. After confirming the last four digits of the mobile phone number, you can open the door and choose a variety of goods at will. After closing the door, you can push the settled commodity orders. This smart container of face brushing is equipped with macro AI intelligent industrial computer h9380p, It uses RK3399 six core chip to run Alipay and WeChat face algorithm smoothly. 20ms? Millisecond delay, 90hz? Refresh rate, can quickly and smoothly realize face detection, extraction and comparison, can adapt to 3D dynamic vision scheme, get through the perception of the cloud, and provide strong software and hardware support for various face brushing payment schemes. At present, the product has been successfully applied in intelligent terminal projects such as intelligent face brushing vending machine, intelligent face brushing coffee machine, intelligent face brushing juicer, intelligent face brushing express cabinet, supermarket unmanned settlement desk, intelligent face brushing rice mill, intelligent face brushing garbage cabinet, etc.

5g + smart retail solution drives retail scene innovation

With the announcement of 5g for commercial use, various 5g based application scenarios emerge in an endless stream. The arrival of 5g stimulates the innovation of application scenarios in smart retail industry, bringing faster speed and lower delay. It will bring more intelligent consumption experience and faster settlement, and solve the pain points of slow payment speed, poor shopping experience, information collection and feedback delay under 4G network. For example, based on 5g communication technology, face payment greatly saves the time cost of merchants and consumers, and maximizes the speed of cashier.

Hongdian 5g industrial gateway is a new 5g terminal designed for IOT big connection in 5g era. It has the characteristics of high performance, high speed, high reliability and low delay. It adopts full industrial hardware design, supports 4G / 5G, wired and WiFi, supports local data storage and analysis decision-making, and has open system design. It has super WiFi coverage, which can exceed 200m, effectively meeting the indoor and outdoor scene coverage, It can fully meet the needs of 5g communication, video real-time monitoring, visual recognition, face brushing recognition, etc. in smart retail industry.

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