The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital, networked and intelligent transformation, and in this transformation, the status of the Internet will become more and more important. In other words, manufacturing will rely more on software. Does this mean that in the context of intelligent manufacturing, device security is no longer so important compared with information security?

Equipment safety is a key issue to be considered in the initial stage of industrial development. Today, in the environment of intelligent manufacturing, the traditional manufacturing industry is terrified and crowded into the Roman avenue of digital, networked and intelligent development, lest it miss the bus of the “fourth industrial revolution”. Some manufacturers take the lead and go to the “cloud” angrily. Manufacturers’ dependence on software continues to stack. As an important part of the manufacturing industry, equipment security, information security and functional security are the same, and there is no priority.

Research shows that last year, China’s economic structure deepened adjustment and the upgrading of traditional markets accelerated; The goal of building a manufacturing power has enabled the rapid development of strategic emerging industries; The pull of investment demand and the recovery of traditional market have laid the foundation for the rapid growth of China’s equipment safety market. In addition, the gradual improvement of safety technical standards, the continuous strengthening of personal safety awareness, and the gradual participation of the state and enterprises in market promotion have promoted the rapid growth of China’s equipment safety market. By the end of 2017, the scale of China’s equipment safety market had reached 1.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%.

The above is from the perspective of the whole equipment security market. What is the application performance of equipment security in a specific industry? Taking the automobile industry as an example, safety light curtain and safety PLC are the most used plates. In addition, safety relays and safety switches are also used. Research data show that last year, the number of domestic automobile projects increased, the development momentum of new energy vehicles was strong, and the automobile export market also grew rapidly. All the above work together to promote the equipment safety market in the automotive industry to grow by more than 40% year-on-year, and the market scale is close to 700 million yuan.

In this way, manufacturing enterprises need to update and maintain equipment in order to meet the needs of “three modernizations”. The renewal iteration of equipment is bound to raise the proposition of equipment safety to a new level.

For the future opportunities of China’s equipment safety market, the author believes that it will be mainly reflected in the “supply side reform, new energy policy guidance, public facilities construction and intelligent manufacturing promotion”. Specifically, the “supply side reform” will drive the upgrading and transformation of manufacturing industry, cultivate new market demand such as new energy subdivided industries, and product upgrading and new industry development will also drive new market demand.

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One belt, one road, infrastructure construction, industrial / industrial park construction will promote the growth of equipment safety application demand; The breakthrough development of Intelligent Manufacturing in major fields will drive the development of flexible production lines, high-end CNC machine tools, high-end injection molding machinery and robot applications, and the construction of relevant subdivided fields will also drive the development of equipment safety market.

With the arrival of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, the trend of digitization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry does make information security receive unprecedented attention. However, we should pay more attention to that the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry means the upgrading of all-round security, including equipment security, functional security and information security. There is no priority between them. Only by putting it at the same height can the intelligent manufacturing “Fuxing high-speed railway” go more stable and long-term.


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