Face recognition is one of the Five Common biometric technologies (face recognition, fingerprint recognition, vein recognition, iris recognition, voiceprint recognition). Due to its high technology maturity, low application cost, strong environmental adaptability, flexible landing scheme and other reasons, it has established the strongest artificial intelligence technology popular in the world in recent years.

China is one of the few countries with the fastest growing and strongest strength in the world of artificial intelligence technology. A large number of face recognition enterprises have emerged, such as the AI algorithm company such as Shang Tang, Kuang Shi, Hikvision, Dahua shares and other security enterprises, Alipay, WeChat and other mobile payment platforms.

In recent years, face recognition has been popular all over the world, and the top 50 domestic enterprises have made great efforts

At present, our country has formed a perfect face recognition application scheme, and gradually implemented to the government, enterprises, public services and other fields

① Public Security: in the form of safe city and Xueliang project, it is used for criminal investigation and pursuit, criminal identification, behavior research and judgment, etc;

② Information security: embedded computer platform, used for computer and network login, file encryption and decryption, etc;

Government functions: build intelligent government system based on AI technology, for e-government, registered residence management, social welfare / insurance, etc.

④ Commercial enterprises: mainly used in two aspects, one is attendance, marketing; Second, e-commerce, e-money and payment;

⑤ Site access: provide access management in transportation, finance, confidential departments, buildings, communities and other places.

So, what are the well-known face recognition technology and equipment providers in China? For this purpose, OFweek has collected and sorted out the top 50 face recognition enterprises in China for your reference.

Top 50 Chinese face recognition technology companies in 2019:

1. Hikvision

2. Dahua shares

3. Shangtang Technology

4. Kuangshi Technology

5. UTV Technology

6. Yitu Technology

7. Cloud technology

8. Alibaba cloud

9. Baidu AI

10. Tencent cloud

11. Yuntian lifeI

12. Bostine

13. Geling deep pupil

14. Hanwang Technology

15. Cito

16. The great cause of heaven and earth

17. Huawei security

18. Dongfang Wangli

19. Suzhou Keda

20. Ping An Technology

21. Jiadu Technology

22. Sino German Hongtai

23. Face reading technology

24. Chuanda Zhisheng

25. Hanbai Technology

26. Pixel data

27. Platinum information

28. The fourth paradigm

29. Yuntu Ruishi

30. Valve technology

31. Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

32. Ruiwei Technology

33. Micro mode

34. Wisdom eye

35. FISU Technology

36. Shengshi Hua’an

37. Vision for business

38. Everyone is intelligent

39. Orion star

40. Sinovision

41. Zhongke Aosen

42. Face cloud technology

43. Atlas technology

44. Huazun Technology

45. Eye Technology

46. FISU Technology

47. Zhongan future

48. Trusted technology

49. Yinchen Technology


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