The national emergency management department is an emergency management system with Chinese characteristics that integrates and optimizes emergency forces and resources. It shoulders the noble mission of ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property and social stability.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the national emergency management department is also improving the scientific management and rescue level of disaster prevention and relief, and promoting the modernization of emergency management capacity with scientific and technological informatization. Based on this background, the national emergency management department signed a procurement contract with Gudong technology to purchase Gudong ar wearable fire inspection auxiliary decision-making system.

Before this cooperation, the emergency management department had purchased ar glasses of Gudong technology for many times to help fire patrol and fire rescue. After being verified by the actual environment, the two sides decided to continue to deepen cooperation. Gudong technology will provide new capabilities in the field of emergency disaster relief, create the first domestic system level fire inspection ar solution, and further help the intelligent upgrading of national fire protection.

According to the relevant person in charge of Gudong technology, this ar wearable fire inspection auxiliary decision-making system is mainly to deal with the existing problems such as insufficient fire inspection personnel and long training cycle of professional inspection personnel. Field personnel wearing Gudong ar glasses or ar mask can complete various tasks such as on-site fire point finding, inspection and identification, collection and sorting, supervision or auxiliary decision-making through AI prompt or remote expert guidance.

Referring to the display technology of AR eye / mask, the hardware engineer of Gudong technology said that the optical module uses the array optical waveguide technology independently developed by Gudong technology, coupled with the blessing of high-temperature resistant materials, which ensures excellent imaging effect in the fire scene. In addition, in terms of communication, Gudong technology selects array noise reduction audio acquisition equipment, which can effectively eliminate noise and perform well in a variety of scenarios such as voice communication, interaction and recognition.

In fact, Gudong technology has made many detailed adjustments to meet the safety and durability of fire inspection scenes.

For example, in order to better fit with safety helmets or other rescue equipment, Gudong technology carefully polished ar glasses / masks to make them fit tightly in appearance, so as to avoid danger to firefighters;

For another example, considering the fire scene environment, Gudong technology has specially made professional treatment on wearable devices such as high temperature resistance and waterproof, which is much more stringent than the general ar device manufacturing process;

In addition, considering the indoor fire scenes, most of them have complex environment, poor light conditions and higher requirements for the transmission, recognition speed and brightness of glasses, Gudong technology has also made a lot of tests and adjustments for these, so that they can be adjusted according to different conditions.

Based on the continuous polishing of details, Gudong’s ar glasses / mask equipment and overall ar solution can stand out from the competition of many similar products. “We will continue to maintain close cooperation with the emergency management department, continue to optimize ar equipment and fire inspection system, and strive to provide more firefighters with better products and services.” The relevant person in charge of Gudong technology said.


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