Mobile payment is becoming popular all over the world, and North Korea is following suit.

According to North Korean media reports, the Central Bank of the country and the Information Technology Bureau of Pyongyang have jointly developed an electronic mobile payment system called Quansheng, which has been put into use. However, it is not clear whether the payment system specifically uses NFC or bar code and other payment technologies.

In order to follow the world trend, North Korea has developed and applied "Quansheng" electronic mobile payment system

Through the system, North Korean users can consume on their mobile phones without carrying cash or bank cards, the report said.

In addition to offline stores, users can also pay various service fees through the system. According to the report, the electronic payment system is a new type of cash transaction mode to realize the payment and payment of all fees through smart phones, which helps to stabilize the currency circulation and reduce the risk of virus and bacteria transmission in the process of using paper money.

Previous surveys have shown that bank cards are now becoming a mode of payment in North Korea’s Pyongyang region.

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