With the growth of Chinese security monitoring enterprises, Chinese enterprises have occupied more than half of the global monitoring market share. It is difficult to see foreign monitoring manufacturers who used to be in the mainstream position in China at this Expo. However, in the segment of monitoring products – storage and recording products, foreign enterprises still occupy half of the country. This is because DVR and NVR still occupy the mainstream position in storage and recording products, and the hard disk used in DVR and NVR has exceeded the share of the host. Although the video compression technology is improving, due to the improvement of image quality and the extension of average recording cycle, the hard disk still has new growth space.

According to my investigation and research, the monitoring hard disk has increased from about 25% of the overall hard disk market in 2014 to about 30% at present. If we add the conventional hard disk mainly used for monitoring cloud storage, this proportion will increase. The monitoring hard disk is still blank in China. Based on this situation, it is natural for major foreign mainstream manufacturers to appear together in this Expo. Taking Western Digital as an example, it has various tentacles in China. From R & D to production, whether from software or hardware, Western Digital is constantly strengthening its layout in China.

“WD   “Purple” Western Digital purple disk is a mechanical hard disk product specially for video monitoring applications launched by western data in February 2014. I also participated in the new product launch of Western Digital purple disk held in Beijing. Due to busy work, this exhibition only attended the new product launch of Western Digital.

It has the following three characteristics: 1. It is specially designed for the application of 24 / 7 all-weather HD security system; 2、   Adopt Western data proprietary   Allframe technology can improve the video acquisition ability and help reduce possible errors in the video recording system, such as pixel frame loss or video interruption; 3、WD   The purple hard drive can handle more complex workloads, supporting 64 cameras and 24-hour monitoring × 7 video recording system.

In the storage field, hard disk is facing the fierce competition of solid-state disk (memory card). Different from hard disk, solid-state disk of domestic enterprises also has a good development in this regard. In the face of competition, WD launched WD at this Expo   Purple   SC   Qd101 durability   MicroSD memory card, which adopts the advanced 96 layer 3D of Western data   NAND technology and provides a cost-effective combination of high durability, high-performance storage and 512gb large capacity, which can meet the needs of the growing video security market.

It has the following five characteristics: 1. It is specially designed for security system integrators and installers; 2. Ideal for mainstream video and failover / backup camera storage; 3. In the compatible camera, the health management of the memory card enables the installer and integrator to view the remaining life time and repair the memory card in advance when necessary; 4. Provide 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256gb and 512gb capacity options; 5. High durability, suitable for long-time continuous recording.

In the face of the large-scale monitoring and storage market, let’s look forward to what countermeasures foreign hard disk enterprises will have, and when will the market share of solid-state disk exceed that of mechanical hard disk!


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