In the global wearable device market report for the fourth quarter of 2019 recently released by IDC, the wearable device data from India has attracted everyone’s attention. According to the report, the shipment volume of wearable devices in the Indian market reached a new high in the fourth quarter, with an overall year-on-year growth of 168.3%.

In India's wearable device market, Xiaomi occupies an absolute leading position

The report shows that in the whole Indian wearable device market, the market share of basic wearable devices that cannot run third-party applications is 96.2%, while the proportion of smart watches such as apple watch is less than 1%, and the market share of other gadgets is close to 3%. Throughout the fourth quarter, the Indian market shipped 14.9 million wearable devices.

In India’s wearable device market, Xiaomi is undoubtedly the absolute leader. In 2019, its wearable device market share in India has reached 48.9%, more than 30% ahead of the second place, and Titan’s market share is only 14.5%. In the field of smart watches, huami technology, a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, is in a leading position in the market.

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