The cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference will be grandly opened on July 9. As one of the most influential events in the field of artificial intelligence in the post epidemic period, this conference will be held in the cloud for the first time, bringing a completely different viewing experience from the previous offline exhibitions.

As an excellent partner of the conference, Yuncong technology focuses on the theme of “man-machine collaboration, AI creates the future”, and focuses on “1 + 4 + n” – that is, one core strategy + 4 business areas + n heavy products, in a scene, modular and vivid cloud exhibition mode, so as to create a rich cloud dinner for the majority of visitors. At that time, it will make a wonderful appearance in the “Ai + infrastructure” exhibition area of the conference.

In depth interpretation of man-machine collaboration strategy, four business areas made a new appearance

Yuncong technology incubated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, known as the AI national team, is the backbone representative of China’s new infrastructure field. The field of man-machine collaboration focused by cloud is not only the general trend of the artificial intelligence industry, but also the core strategy to comprehensively enhance China’s scientific and technological competitiveness. Cloud will vividly interpret the interesting scenes of human-computer collaboration integrated into various industries and lives in the cloud exhibition area with special situational multimedia graphics and texts, reshape the new connotation of human-computer collaboration from multiple perspectives such as social needs and industry practice, and show how human-computer collaboration can realize the replication and iteration of top-level intelligent resources and promote the order of magnitude improvement of social production efficiency.

At the same time, the four business segments of cloud after comprehensive strategic integration – Smart finance, smart governance, smart transportation and smart business will also be presented one by one. While showing the profound insights and rich achievements of the industry for many years, it also gives people a clearer interpretation of how cloud is based on the leading landing solutions and project integration strength relying on the man-machine cooperation platform, Enable the intelligent transformation of various industries.

Heavy new products continue to lead the industry practice

In depth interpretation of man-machine collaboration strategy, four business areas made a new appearance

During the conference, Yuncong will also display a variety of star products such as canoe platform, “Yuanbao” brush face payment box and Yuncong riyao series AI cameras, showing the fruitful practice of realizing product landing in cutting-edge technology and accelerating industry transformation.

Among them, the newly developed and open cloud from “light boat” platform is a new generation of artificial intelligence products and strong capability platform. It has many advantages, such as industry-leading AI capability, massive optional equipment support, standard application set and ISV self built ecology. It can customize the AI training platform and direct to the market, and provide dozens of AI capability engines such as face, human body, living body, OCR, clustering and distributed scheduling to meet the AI business needs of various scenarios.

As the largest AI supplier in the financial industry, Yuncong’s “Yuanbao” brush face payment box developed for the field of smart finance is also eye-catching. Compared with previous face brushing payment devices, “Yuanbao” has made great breakthroughs in security, applicability and ease of use, showing the cloud’s complete service ability of “intelligent technology + big data + AI platform” in the financial field, and boosting the arrival of face brushing payment 4.0 era.

Man machine collaboration, AI creates the future — the exhibition theme of this conference of cloud technology highlights a more ambitious strategic plan and career blueprint: how to realize the mission of defining smart life and improving human potential with man-machine collaboration platform; How to bring more intelligent, convenient and humanized AI life to users; How to truly build a harmonious and warm intelligent future — the answers will be revealed one by one from the cloud technology cloud exhibition hall of this waic cloud summit.

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