On September 15, the 5g innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Chongqing. According to the data released at the forum, there are more than 110 million 5g users in China, and it is planned that there will be more than 600000 5g base stations by the end of 2020, covering cities above prefecture level in China.

Han Xia, director of the information and communication administration bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that since the issuance of 5g business license in China for more than a year, the construction of 5g network infrastructure has been steadily promoted. Up to now, basic telecom enterprises have built more than 500000 5g base stations and more than 100 million 5g terminal connections.

If 1g to 4G are to improve the quality of communication between people, with a smoother network speed, then 5g network is not only to let us get faster network, but also to improve a series of performance such as low delay, high stability and mass device access, which makes us really feel the earth shaking changes.

As an important node of communication technology update, 5g will comprehensively improve the speed, stability and reliability of the network, and realize new interactive experience including 3D communication, online VR, cloud games, etc. Not only that, 5g technology also promotes the “Internet of things” to a higher level than the “human Internet”, enabling personal terminals to interact with everything.

So, in 5g era, will IPFs be replaced by 5g technology? What are the advantages of IPFs in addition to file redundancy?

With the advent of 5g, how much has the speed of file upload and download increased? In theory, it is 1g / S. in fact, due to problems such as lines and equipment, the theoretical speed can not be fully achieved. And the growth rate of data and network speed is a spiral growth. For example, when we use 4G, we think that it is enough to transmit pictures in seconds. But at the same time, we have a new demand for video speed. Therefore, 5g in the future may not be able to fully meet our demand for speed. The new era is bound to need new science and technology as a support.

In 5g era, the advantage of fast transmission speed of IPFs technology will be replaced?

The speed of IPFs is improved by optimizing the transmission architecture, and 5g is improved from the infrastructure. There is no field for the two to replace each other in terms of speed. On the contrary, IPFs and 5g can work together to improve our network experience.

For IPFs, 5g era provides a grand stage for it:

With the landing of 5g, the era of Internet of things will surely come. At that time, every electronic device will become a “data producer”. It can be imagined how much data production and transmission volume are per day, and what kind of load will be caused for centralized storage;

In the past, 3G and 4G often bring users bad experiences such as stuck and no signal when downloading files and watching videos;

At the same time, the proliferation of devices will also bring a new problem – how to manage, track and update these devices?……

IPFs distributed storage can solve this problem. IPFs can ensure that the data is not changed and forged, can solve the file redundancy, can make use of a large number of idle space resources for effective data storage, and can save data files permanently. At the same time, IPFs and 5g cooperate with each other, one from the architecture, the other from the speed, to speed up file transmission, improve the network experience.

5g also provides high bandwidth for IPFs, making it more convenient.

5g interconnection of everything makes devices and devices connected, which means that in addition to storage devices such as mining machines, mining pools and computers, we can also embed IPFs into common electronic devices at home, such as smart phones, cameras, audio, etc.

At the same time, IPFs also has a feature that the cost will decrease with the increase of nodes. It is conceivable that when a variety of devices around us can access IPFs, we may not need to spend high cost for transmission and storage, but may realize benefits because the devices become nodes to provide value for filecoin.

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