If 2019 is the first year of 5g, then 2020 is the year of 5g’s official commercial use. More and more 5g mobile phones, 5g has gradually entered our daily life, 5g era has come.

5g is not a simple upgrade to 4G, but a leap in technology and application. Compared with 4G, 5g is more difficult to build and has higher technical requirements. The materials used in 5g base station construction are also different. Gallium nitride (GAN), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (INP) are semiconductor materials used in 5g base station power amplifier.

As a new wide band gap semiconductor, Gan can withstand higher working voltage, which means higher power density and working temperature. Compared with the other two materials, GaN has the characteristics of high power density, low energy consumption, suitable for high frequency and wide bandwidth. In the 5g era, Gan rapidly infiltrates into the RF and fast charging markets, and sweeps other semiconductor materials with its characteristic advantages.

Gan is a perfect match for 5g. In the RF transceiver array, RF devices will increase greatly, so the size of devices is particularly important. Gan with small size, high efficiency and high power density is the best choice to achieve high concentration. In addition, a large number of micro base stations will be installed indoors in 5g era. These large number of micro base stations need corresponding power supply. The volume and weight of traditional power supply are relatively large, while Gan power supply can greatly reduce the volume and save indoor space.

In 5g era, Gan charger becomes the standard and best choice for mobile phone tablet notebook

Gan charger becomes the standard of mobile phone tablet notebook

The rapid penetration of 5g mobile phone, due to its high power consumption characteristics, high power charger can become the standard configuration of 5g mobile phone. Gan can be used in 65W ~ 300W notebook and PC adapter.

In the field of mobile phones, endurance is the biggest pain point. Although the major mobile phone manufacturers are trying to improve the endurance capacity of the mobile phone, the increase of battery capacity is bound to increase the size of the mobile phone, which is contrary to the pursuit of lightweight design. Therefore, the improvement of battery capacity exists in the ceiling, and it is impossible to improve the battery capacity indefinitely.

So, how can mobile phone manufacturers improve users’ long-term experience? It is undoubtedly a way to improve the charging efficiency of mobile phones. In the mobile phone industry, oppo, Huawei and other brands are developing their own fast charging technologies, such as oppo’s vooc flash charging, Huawei’s FCP super fast charging and so on. These efforts are helpful to the fast charging efficiency of mobile phones.

In terms of charger hardware, most traditional chargers use silicon as the material. Silicon is a common semiconductor, which is widely used in various electronic products. However, the traditional charger using silicon as the core material also has a pain point problem, that is, the higher the power, the larger the volume will be, and the higher the power, it is easy to cause the charger to get hot.

Now in the 5g era, the traditional charger made of silicon is obviously unable to meet the requirements of users. Now users hope that the charger can be high-power, high charging efficiency, and portable, in this case, gallium nitride charger has become the first choice.

Gallium nitride charger solves the pain point problem of traditional chargers. It can achieve higher power while compressing the volume, and has higher charging efficiency. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products. The heat dissipation and compatibility of Gan chargers are incomparable to ordinary chargers.

Gallium nitride is the first choice for chargers

With the vigorous promotion of major manufacturers, major consumer electronics brands and digital peripheral brands have entered the Gan market. More and more consumers are aware of the benefits of Gan chargers. It has become a consensus that Gan is the first choice for chargers. Xiaomi 65wgan Gan charger is also popular in the market.

As a well-known consumer electronics brand in China, baseus Bess has launched a number of Gan chargers, with 45W, 65W, 120W and other types according to power. Among them, the world’s first 65W three port Gan charger and the world’s first 120W Gan charger are all launched by baseus.

What’s the difference between Xiaomi and Beisi’s 65W Gan charger? Xiaomi 65W Gan charger is designed with a single usb-c interface, which can provide power supply for one device. However, when multiple devices need to be charged, users need to replace them one by one. Bess 65W Gan charger is designed with three output interfaces. It has two usb-c interfaces and one usb-a interface. It can charge three devices at the same time (fast charging + 5V + 5V), or two devices shake hands at the same time. Fast charging does not affect each other (fast charging + fast charging), so charging will be more convenient.

Baseus Beisi 120W Gan charger also has three output interfaces, including two type-C interfaces and one sub-A interface. This product can intelligently distribute power output. When users use one type-C interface to charge, the maximum output power is 100W, while when users use one usb-a interface, the maximum output power is 30W. If two type-C interfaces charge the two devices at the same time, the maximum output power is 60W + 60W, which adds up to 120W.

In addition to baseus Beisi, Xiaomi and other brands, Lenovo, Nubia, Huawei and other brands have launched their own Gan chargers. These products have their own characteristics, and consumers can buy them according to their actual needs.


In 5g era, if you want to buy a charger, Gan charger is undoubtedly the best choice. In front of this article, we also mentioned that Gan charger has many advantages, in terms of charging efficiency, portability and many other aspects to meet the requirements of modern people’s fast pace of life. There are many Gan chargers on the market,

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