Toubao Research Institute hereby releases the "2022 China DPU Industry White Paper". This report aims to analyze the development status, product characteristics, technical trends and development trends of DPU, and identify the differences between Chinese chip manufacturers and overseas chip manufacturers, so as to judge the status and development opportunities of China's DPU industry.

Summary of core content:

1. DPU will become the "third main chip" following CPU and GPU

DPU is highly flexible and programmable, and its functions can be extended to network, storage, security and other applications through software definition. By flexibly using the functions of the DPU, it not only meets the needs of different application scenarios for releasing computing power and improving data processing efficiency, but also has the ability to meet the needs of specific application scenarios, such as helping to form information security solutions. Therefore, DPU has the potential to penetrate numerous application scenarios.

2. The product concept is gradually concretized, accumulating energy to extend into many fields

Continuously improving the fit between products and application scenarios, and polishing the commercialization capabilities of DPU products in anchored application fields are the focus of development at this stage. The concept of DPU will gradually become concrete in this development process, and the perception of DPU outside the industry will also be gradually strengthen. Based on the accumulated technology and application scenario understanding at this stage, chip manufacturers will continue to expand the application scenarios that DPU can cover.

3. The development progress of overseas and Chinese leading chip manufacturers is similar

Overseas leading chip manufacturers took the lead in opening up the market based on their own influence, and leading Chinese chip manufacturers also followed closely, and their products will be gradually implemented. In the early stage of industry development, both parties are in the stage of accepting terminal application verification, and the development progress is similar.

4. Building an ecosystem is the key for Chinese chip manufacturers to seize opportunities

In the stage of polishing the large-scale commercialization of DPU, products with strong adaptability and release of customer development capabilities have more competitive advantages, and the software ecology is the key to forming this competitive advantage. In addition, Chinese chip manufacturers can also create an industrial chain ecology and a horizontal collaborative ecology, improve R&D efficiency, and create diversified products, so as to seize opportunities for industry development. Centered on DPU, the coordinated development of all parties in the chip industry is expected to promote the overall development of China's chip industry.

2 Industry development stage and market size

Source: Head Leopard Research Institute

Release Date: May 2022

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