When the sun rises in the early morning of January 1, 2020 has become a thing of the past before you know it.

So many things have happened this year that have changed every aspect of our lives, and for the TV industry, such changes may be more immediate and profound.

The beginning of the year was mixed

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, people have reduced going out, so under this situation, the TV that was left out in the living room has re-entered our field of vision.

According to data from Aowei Cloud, during the Spring Festival holiday and the "home office period", the TV turn-on rate increased by 15.6% compared with the previous period, and continued to remain at the peak level.

This data is undoubtedly a boost for TV manufacturers, which means that in the minds of consumers, mobile phones and computers are the main devices for entertainment, but they are more suitable for fragmented time.

From the perspective of long-term use experience, the ultimate visual experience brought by the large TV screen is still worthy of recognition.

In the face of the public's rare enthusiasm for TV, which TV manufacturer does not want to seize the opportunity?

However, also due to the epidemic, most areas have fallen into the predicament of suspension of production except for essential work, and the production, assembly and transportation of TVs cannot be solved.

In addition, offline stores are often an important sales channel for large home appliances like TVs.

In March this year, the author went to the home appliance store several times. The sales staff said that even if they were disinfected every day and paid attention to prevention and control measures, few people were willing to stay in the store.

This shows that at the beginning of the year, in the face of the urgent entertainment needs of consumers, although TV showed extraordinary charm, it could not be converted into sales in time, which was really mixed.

mid-year, a carnival

After half a year, the domestic epidemic has gradually improved, and most areas have returned to the right track, but the continuous impact of the epidemic continues.

In order to alleviate the sluggish market conditions in the first half of the year, the 618 Mid-Year Promotion, which is held every year, has received substantial subsidies from the government this year.

Among them, in addition to exclusive city consumption coupons, there are also discounts provided by various platforms, and the prices are simple and rude only to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

From the perspective of market laws, consumer demand will not disappear out of thin air, but will only lag.

Therefore, as early as 618, most TV manufacturers have already begun to formulate relevant plans to deal with the inevitable outbreak of consumer demand. After all, whoever can clear the inventory first, or catch the eye with new products, can occupy the high ground of the market.

In order to bring a strong stimulus to consumers, low prices are the most direct way.

According to data from Aowei Cloud.com, the average price of TV products in the full-size segment dropped significantly during the 618 period in 2020. The lowest price of a 75-inch TV was less than 3,000 yuan, and even some models of mainstream brands were already lower than the cost price.

In addition, some TV manufacturers released new smart TVs before 618, and the extremely low prices and huge fan base eventually turned into rising sales.

But price war is not the only means, innovation is a more promising path.

In the face of the industry's cold winter environment, various manufacturers have also launched products such as game TVs, educational TVs, and large conference screens that meet the needs of current consumers.

When the various promotion methods of manufacturers and consumers' long-standing desire for consumption have a chemical reaction, the final result is that in 2020, 3.301 million units of 618 China Color Wires will be sold in the market, a year-on-year increase of 30.9%; retail sales of 6.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6% %, successfully held a grand carnival that satisfied everyone.

At the end of the year, prosperity fades

As of 2019, China's TV sales market has been declining for four consecutive years. The reasons for this are intricate, and it is not realistic to try to turn the situation around through only a few short-lived victories.

As mentioned above, the mid-year carnival is actually a special node affected by the epidemic, which is almost irreproducible. At the same time, an important factor has changed since then, and that is panel prices.

With the gradual recovery of the TV market, panel production capacity has gradually been unable to meet the needs of manufacturers, so since June this year, under the gradually unbalanced supply and demand relationship, panel prices have been rising.

According to the statistics and forecast data of Sigmaintell, the prices of mainstream size panels have bottomed out since June, and as of December, the prices of mainstream sizes have increased by more than 60%. The cumulative increase of the major sizes is as follows:

The price of 32" rebounded the most rapidly, with an increase of more than 90%, 43" FHD~55" UHD has increased by more than 60%, and the large size of 65" and above has a more moderate increase, reaching more than 30%.

The rise in panel prices will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of TV sets, and what impact this will cause needs to be viewed from two perspectives.

The first is short-term performance. Due to the sensitivity of consumers to prices, price increases will have a certain negative impact on sales.

According to data from Aowei Cloud, the average TV price during the Double Eleven period increased by 24.8% year-on-year, and the sales of low-end products dropped by 17.3%, and the overall decline was 4.5%.

However, in the long run, the price increase has curbed the escalation of the price war, promoted the optimization and upgrading of the price structure, and allowed consumers to shift their attention from price to innovative functions and excellent image quality, and improve their aesthetic ability. During the period, new technology products with more premium capabilities have grown in an all-round way.

On the whole, in the two promotional nodes at the end of the year, the enthusiasm and demand of consumers have weakened significantly. Perhaps only when the prosperity fades, can we see the problems that still exist in the TV market.

In the future, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared

Through several node analysis of the TV market, the conclusion is obvious. After the rise of mobile phones, tablets and computers, the TV industry has been on a downward slope, and this year is no exception.

So will the TV that survives in the cracks have a chance to rise next year? The author believes that not only will there be, but there will be, but such opportunities will only be reserved for those who are prepared.

There are several important factors that will impact the TV market next year compared to 2020.

The first is the continuous impact of the epidemic. Under strict epidemic prevention and control, going out to play is no longer a problem, but the habit of watching movies and games on a large screen has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, allowing the TV to slowly return to the C position in the living room. Before disappearing, the "home" economy still has a lot of room for development.

The second is the change in the supply and demand of panels. From the new products of major manufacturers this year, it can be seen that new display technologies such as OLED, QLED, and Mini-LED have become the direction of vigorous development.

It will have a certain impact on LCD TV sales. At the same time, Samsung Display announced an indefinite extension of the production of LCD panels. With the resumption of work in global factories, after several production cycles, production capacity and demand will return to balance, and prices will gradually fall.

Finally, it is about product innovation. The iteration of TV display technology does not bring a refreshing feeling to consumers, it is a subjective feeling that can only be perceived after experience.

And products such as game TVs, educational TVs, and large conference screens that are subdivided for the crowd can get good results through accurate delivery.

Therefore, among the new products next year, the segmented battlefield under the TV category will be particularly intense, and only those who are prepared can seize this opportunity.


Since its birth in 1929, TV has undergone countless changes from content to display, but until today, it is still an important home appliance that carries memories in everyone's heart.

In front of the TV, the vivid picture and clear sound allow us to experience joy, sadness or excitement in different worlds, and it is also the bond that connects the whole family during the annual Spring Festival Gala.

Maybe the entertainment on the small screen is more concentrated and portable, but TV must be irreplaceable. I hope that in the middle of 2021, more and more people can pick up their attention to TV and enjoy watching TV that belongs to you. time.

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