A few days ago, wood Mackenzie, a global research and consulting company, predicted that in 2020, the new photovoltaic installed capacity in the world may drop to 106gw. At the same time, the trend of global photovoltaic installed capacity will become: the demand of residential photovoltaic will decline, and more investment will be ushered in for commercial photovoltaic projects.

In 2020, the world's new photovoltaic installed capacity may drop to 106gw, and more investment will be welcome in commercial photovoltaic projects

As the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia spreads around the world, about half of the world’s population is being affected. In response, wood Mackenzie said in the latest market report that the epidemic is reducing global power demand and increasing the risk of global economic recession, which will have a series of impacts on the future development of renewable energy.

Based on this, wood Mackenzie adjusted its forecast of global new photovoltaic capacity in 2020, from 129.5gw to 106.4gw, a decrease of 18%. Moreover, considering that the epidemic will have an impact in the next year or even longer. As a result, wood Mackenzie even cut the outlook for solar demand by 3% in 2021.

In addition, wood Mackenzie also expects PV module prices in Europe and the United States to fall, mainly due to the recovery of PV module capacity in China. China has now basically got rid of the epidemic, many photovoltaic manufacturers have gradually resumed production, some of which have reached full capacity. As a result, since the beginning of this month, the prices of photovoltaic modules in Europe and the United States have started to fall.

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