The latest research report released by the strategy analytics emerging terminal technology (EDT) team predicts that the global total sales of Bluetooth headsets will exceed 300million in 2020. Among them, the sales of true wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headsets increased by nearly 90%. The report provides the forecast of global TWS Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset sales and revenue by 2025. The report also lists in detail the global market share of leading TWS headset manufacturers in 2020.

Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytics, said, “TWS earphones have driven the global sales of Bluetooth earphones in the segment market. Although the COVID-19 in the first half of the year led to a brief reduction in demand, the sales of TWS earphones rebounded strongly in the second half of the year.” home office “has driven the sales growth of Bluetooth earphones.”

Ville petteri ukonaho, deputy director of strategy analytics, said: “There is still great potential in the broader Bluetooth headset market. Our research shows that the market stock and penetration rate of Bluetooth headsets are still very low; less than one tenth of the world’s people own Bluetooth headsets, so there is still much room for growth. As leading suppliers no longer bundle wired headsets with new smartphones, the Bluetooth headset market has great potential.”

Ken Hyers continued, “by 2020, Apple will maintain a leading position in the TWS segment, but with the intensification of competition, its dominant position is shrinking. It is expected that Apple will face fierce competition from Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei in 2021. The TWS headset market has been overcrowded; despite the strong sales prospects, mergers will be inevitable in the next few years.”

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