When the winter and spring changed in 2020, COVID-19’s sudden impact on the normal operation of many industries, especially for the home appliances industry, which experienced the feeling under the thread as the main determinant of purchase. The difference is that in the air conditioning industry, in addition to COVID-19 in 2020, there is another major event, that is, the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards for air conditioners. So, under the influence of the new energy efficiency standards and epidemic situation, what will happen to the air conditioning market in 2020? How can each brand quickly open the market and lead the new consumption trend?

The epidemic situation has prompted the public to pay more attention to air health, and fresh air conditioning products are popular

This epidemic situation makes more and more people realize the importance of health, such as healthy diet, fitness exercise and health care. In terms of air health, in recent years, due to the influence of fog and haze, public awareness of the importance of air quality has been widely recognized, and many people have been forced to stay at home for several days due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. On February 28, Hisense air conditioner online organized the first fans live broadcast Festival and the president’s direct sale of “Hui”. During this period, a number of new air products with obvious air quality improvement functions appeared, attracting users’ attention and pursuit. According to the official, more than 14000 sets of air conditioners were sold through all channels, including hundreds of users from Hubei.

In 2020, the air conditioning market will regenerate, and the epidemic situation will prompt the public to pay more attention to air health

While seeing the market demand, air conditioning enterprises should realize that only the products that can really improve the indoor air quality are what the current consumers need. Hisense air conditioning, as a recognized frequency conversion expert in the industry, has made great achievements in the category of fresh air air conditioning that can significantly improve the indoor air quality in recent years. For example, the master series X800 of Hisense air conditioning, which appeared in the live broadcast, is a fresh air and oxygen enriched air conditioning that can really meet the actual needs of users.

In the live broadcast, we can see that Hisense air conditioning master series X800 uses the industry’s leading blue antibacterial fins with nano silver ion coating, which can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, mold and other bacteria and bacteria. Among them, the inhibition rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli can reach more than 99.9%. Of course, the biggest highlight of this product is the excellent fresh air ventilation function, which can intelligently detect the indoor carbon dioxide concentration, and automatically turn on the fresh air function according to the actual situation, so as to increase the indoor oxygen content in time. After testing, the fresh air volume of X800 can reach 40m in one hour ³, That is to say, all the air in a room with an area of about 15 M2 can be renewed, and the fresh air volume is about twice that of the same level products. After the on-site demonstration and explanation, a large number of audiences were deeply impressed by the product features of “three minutes on, room full of fresh air”

Price war is no longer used, high-end products will be popular

For most of 2019, the air-conditioning market is shrouded in the shadow of price war, and even brings a war of words, causing chaos in the market order. As a household appliance product, price is indeed one of the important factors affecting sales, but this situation is expected to change significantly in 2020.

On the one hand, the release of new energy efficiency standards and the first-line brands such as Hisense air conditioner took the lead in obtaining energy-saving certification issued a good signal for the whole industry. The long-standing price war has been gradually upgraded to a value war that puts forward higher requirements for the quality and function of air conditioning, and the average price of air conditioning products will probably rise.

On the other hand, affected by the epidemic situation, the concept of mass consumption has changed, showing polarization from the perspective of the overall consumption structure. Alibaba big data shows that during the epidemic period, the performance of Estee Lauder, Lancome, skii and other high-end beauty and skin care brands decreased by more than 40% on average, and the performance of global shopping and consumption upgrading brands plunged. In the field of health, the public’s consumption investment has increased significantly compared with that before the epidemic. From the news events such as rush buying Shuanghuanglian and sky high price masks, it can be seen that the consumption of health related products even appears irrational behavior. In the air conditioning market, the budget that consumers can invest in products that can really improve air quality will be increased. The hot sale of Hisense air conditioning president’s direct sales of “Huizhong” models of more than 10000 yuan also proves this from the side.

Some people in the industry pointed out: in general, the high-end air conditioning products and multi-functional products that were not popular in the mainstream market in the past will win the favor of consumers. On the contrary, the air conditioning products with low energy efficiency and single function will be gradually eliminated, and the driving effect of price war on sales will be further reduced. He believes that 2020 may be the key year for consumption upgrading of air conditioning industry.

In such an environment, for many air-conditioning enterprises, in 2020, challenges and opportunities obviously coexist, and the opportunities far outweigh the challenges. Who will be the outsider in the great change of air conditioning market? After the epidemic, can Hisense air conditioner with new energy efficiency certification and fresh air oxygenation air conditioning products become a leader in the high-end market? Can small and medium air conditioning enterprises survive this big test? All kinds of questions also mean that there will be wonderful performances in the air conditioning industry.

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