Economic development, electricity first. Over the past year, under the arrangement and deployment of Hainan provincial Party committee and government and China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Corporation has continuously implemented the three-year action plan to improve the power supply guarantee and disaster resistance capacity of the power grid, planned the construction of smart grid and issued customer service, accelerated the improvement of power supply reliability and continuously optimized the power business environment.

“Accelerate the implementation of the ‘three-year action plan’ and the construction of smart grid demonstration Province, promote the application of advanced science and technology from pilot to mature and from local to the whole province, and improve the networked and intelligent level of infrastructure.” Deng Enhong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Hainan Power Grid Corporation, said that Hainan power grid should take party construction as the guide, and Party members at all levels should be brave pioneers and good examples, Improve the power supply service guarantee capacity and speed up the construction of Hainan free trade pilot zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

This year is the crucial year for Hainan Power Grid Corporation to implement the three-year action plan for power grid power supply guarantee and disaster resilience. Hainan power grid has turned pressure into power, and several projects have been started at the same time. In the second half of the year, in order to further improve the power supply guarantee capacity of Hainan power grid, China Southern Power Grid adjusted the fixed asset investment plan of Hainan power grid in 2018, from 5.482 billion yuan planned at the beginning of the year to 7 billion yuan, setting a record high for the investment scale of Hainan power grid.

Party committees, people’s congresses and governments at all levels in Hainan have made unprecedented efforts to support power grid construction. The Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress made a special inquiry on power grid infrastructure construction for the first time; The provincial government issued the Interim Measures and Implementation Rules for comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the development of provinces, cities and counties in Hainan, which included the promotion and implementation of the “three-year action plan” of power grid and the promotion of power grid projects by municipal and county governments in the annual assessment of each municipal and county government in 2018.

With the joint efforts of government and enterprises, by the end of November, Hainan power grid had completed 7988 projects, an increase of 455% compared with 1438 projects completed in the same period last year, creating a new speed of Hainan with an average monthly investment of 630 million.

Meanwhile, Hainan power grid actively plans to explore the construction of smart grid. In May this year, Hainan Power Grid Corporation quickly launched the “14th five year plan” and medium and long-term development planning of smart grid; In June, China Southern Power Grid Corporation and EDF signed the project cooperation statement of Boao Lecheng smart grid and low-carbon smart energy comprehensive demonstration zone; In November, Qionghai municipal government and Hainan Power Grid Corporation signed the investment framework agreement for Boao Lecheng smart grid and low-carbon smart energy comprehensive demonstration zone project, marking the official implementation of the project.

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