Because the rotor is buzzing and the fuselage is flying in the air, the UAV may be very dangerous when the flight does not go as planned. The Federal Aviation Administration’s cautious attitude towards commercial UAV policy has been criticized, but in fact there are dangers, including bad guys using cheap GPS jammers.

With the continuous development of GPS signal jamming technology, the scale and cost have been reduced. Today, jammers can be bought online for just $50. For a long time, jamming has been a threat to military assets. With the delivery of commercial UAVs becoming a reality and attacks becoming ubiquitous all over the world, jamming is now a commercial problem. This threat now affects commercial, law enforcement and defense UAVs that perform critical tasks.

Importance and solution of GPS jamming in UAV application

In a lighting show in Hong Kong in 2018, a jammer fell from the air with 46 drones. The resulting property and hardware losses are estimated at HK $1 million. Almost all UAVs have security protocols to send them home or to a safe landing site in case of interruption, but these features proved invalid at the Hong Kong Exhibition.

“These are professional drones, and their manufacturing technology can lead them back to the starting point of take-off,” Anthony Lau Chunhong, director of the event’s board, told the South China Morning Post. But the signal is too strong. A lot of signals fall out of the air. “

UAVs and their services obviously depend on GPS signals. Even if the UAV may be equipped with an alternative method (INS / OPS), the GPS reference still needs to be used for positioning, navigation and stabilization. Therefore, GPS attack is the simplest way to shoot down UAV, and may cause harm to life and property.

The good news is that commercial class UAV solutions are coming, directly from the defense sector. One is called penetration, and the other is called GPS dome, which is integrated into the GNSS receiver of UAV, and uses a unique interference filtering system to combine the modes of two omnidirectional antennas. Gpsdome analyzes the jamming signal in real time and inputs its characteristics into infinidome’s proprietary algorithm to filter and reject any aggressive radio frequency interference, so that UAS can continue to rely on GPS signal during the jamming attack. Once interference signal is detected, gpsdome informs the operator of possible signal interference.

Simple antenna, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for commercial, government and defense applications based on drones, recently integrated gpsdome with its military class UAV system family.

“We chose gpsdome because it’s a proven solution that’s perfectly suited for our customers’ missions in the most inhospitable and hostile environments in the world,” said idogur, co-founder and CEO of easyaero. Although our system is equipped with multiple airborne redundancies, GPS signals are extremely important for maintaining position, navigation and timing accuracy It is important to ensure uninterrupted operation. “

This kind of shielding technology with light weight, small volume and low power consumption is a key step to widely use commercial UAV. Other companies, such as sepentrio, are also focusing on integrated sensor solutions for GPS jamming in UAV applications.

To be sure, in the future, GPS interference and deception will get more attention. Fortunately, developers seem to be starting to see tools that can help them cope with growing threats.

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