Radio and television are being integrated with 5g, and it is necessary to constantly adopt new technologies, innovate and change. The 5g era will bring more development opportunities to the video industry. It is necessary to speed up the construction of radio and television technology mechanism for 5g and mobile interaction, promote the development of integration, carry out innovation and breakthrough, accelerate technology R & D, formulate corresponding standards, promote technology test and pilot application, Find the right position and new ideas for the development of 5g of radio and television.

Impact of obtaining 5g license on radio and television

(1) 5g cooperation with radio and television

On June 6, 2019, the fourth 5g license was pocketed by China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Radio and television), sitting on 5g license and 700 MHz gold band. 700 MHz band is regarded as the golden band for the development of mobile communication. It has the advantages of low signal transmission loss, wide coverage, strong penetration and low networking cost. It is also suitable for 5g underlying network. In addition to using the broadband of 700 MHz for switching network, 600 MHz wireless communication technology can also be used to adjust the technology of broadcast transmission.

(2) 5g transformation of radio and television

Impact of obtaining 5g license on radio and television

5g network can integrate the function of broadcasting. Broadcasting has its own transmission advantage, that is, the traffic does not increase due to the increase of users. Popular videos can be transmitted in the form of broadcasting, which can greatly reduce the pressure of mobile network, so as to better bring audio-visual experience to users. 5g network supports bidirectional point-to-point data transmission, and can also integrate point-to-multipoint transmission, which can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the service. 5g is conducive to the development of radio and television in the direction of mobility, realize the real-time and mobility of video, and more accurately release personalized content. The materials used by reporters can be returned in time and broadcast live in real time.

(3) Large proportion of video

Video traffic will reach more than 80% of the whole network traffic in 2021. 5g can be better applied in video. In the future, more information will be displayed in the form of video.

(4) Seize the entrance of Smart Family

With the continuous increase of network video and audio users, the development of TV screen is relatively backward, mainly because the service contents of radio and television and network television are relatively similar, which can not bring interactive and mobile services to users, and the content of network television is rich, which greatly exceeds the content of radio and television. 5g will re embody the value of TV screen, and smart TV can be transformed from watching TV to using TV. There will be more 4K HD entertainment games on TV in the future. TV can not only broadcast audio-visual content, but also spread information and control the smart home uniformly. Although smart home has many applications and fierce competition in China Mobile and China Telecom, it is both an opportunity and a challenge in the radio and television industry. Therefore, in the future development, we should abandon the old ideas and dare to use innovative ideas to develop the application of 5g in the radio and television industry, so as to make the development of radio and television have more advantages.

Radio and television 5g development mountain high road long

(1) Development direction of radio and television network

At present, the biggest weakness of CATV network is the decentralized operation of all provinces, and the national one network has not been completed. To truly gain a foothold in the 5g era, we must promote the national one network, and only integrated development can revive the radio and television network. Many countries in the world will commercialize 5g in 2020. China’s three major operators have also begun to establish 5g and carried out relevant pilot tests. Many have obtained the use license of medium and low frequency band. Telecommunications and mobile networks have a great impact on cable TV, and radio and television broadband has grown very widely.

With the release of 5g networking standard, the world is making a comprehensive sprint to 5g to improve the 5g work in the first stage. China’s Radio and television industry has also begun to layout 5g technology. At present, it should cooperate with China Mobile in the research and development of 5g technology and cooperation in big data and 4K ultra-high definition channels. Therefore, 5g will bring greater development space to the radio and television industry.

The future development opportunities of radio and television in 5g network mainly include these aspects: improving the radio and television business experience of users with ultra-low delay; The application of ultra wideband promotes the joint development of multiple technologies; Transmit at ultra-high speed on content. In the future development, it needs long-term exploration and research, there is still a shortage of talents, and it is difficult to supervise. In addition, people’s thinking still stays in the thinking of single content as the king, and it needs to be transformed into traffic or data as the king. Secondly, there is a lack of relevant feasibility suggestions and relevant standards for building intelligent radio and television, Therefore, it is necessary to formulate unified standards for smart optical terminals and network construction standards. Secondly, there is still a big gap between radio and television and the three major operators. Great efforts need to be made in network construction, operation and maintenance, business promotion and services.

(2) Huge initial capital investment

Although radio and television has its own network support, as well as its own technical network and channel resources, it does not have its own new network architecture, mainly because of insufficient capital supply in the capital chain and insufficient investment. Therefore, the state needs to strengthen capital investment and support in the research of 5g and smart radio and television networks.

(3) The construction of network, technical support and operation management basically start from scratch

The radio and television industry basically needs to start from scratch in the construction of 5g network, operation management and technology R & D. great changes should be made, which also leads to the lack of human resources. At present, the talents are mainly traditional radio and television, and do not have the development needs of smart radio and television. Secondly, the talent training system of the school does not meet the needs of 5g industry, Therefore, it is necessary to increase the training of 5g technical talents, introduce talents meeting relevant requirements, broaden the channels of talent selection, and tap advanced new media management and technical talents.

How to apply 5g well in radio and television

Adhere to “content is king” and give full play to the advantages of live broadcasting. The 5g era needs to adhere to the model of taking content as the king. With the adjustment of national policies, optical fiber and broadband can provide people with high-speed network services, and have carried out fee reduction activities, so that information has developed explosively.

Adopt the latest technology of wireless communication, adjust the system of broadcasting technology to provide free technical services for emergency broadcasting, radio and television, so as to cover all smart phone terminals. In the future, based on 2C service, radio and television will promote TV users, more than 200 million cable TV users and more than 100 million live broadcast users, and transform them into mobile interactive radio and television users, so as to realize the mutual integration of media. Firstly, it is necessary to upgrade the basic service to realize the integration of TV video and broadband mobile. Secondly, it is necessary to expand the business volume, Build smart communities and smart families, such as home security, smart home control, home cloud disk and other businesses. Finally, build an intelligent ecological radio and television framework, including smart cities, Internet of things and other industries.

We should strengthen business cooperation with TV stations. To speed up the construction of smart radio and television, the main direction in the future is to establish three-dimensional communication channels, publicize radio and television culture and characteristic service information of radio and television, that is, the network-based model, so as to develop into an integrated business service mechanism. It is necessary to apply the cloud platform as the basis of services, collect big data information through mobile broadband, The intelligent terminal is used as the service carrier to realize the service mode of multi-function, multi content and multi service.

Radio and television should also cooperate with television stations to promote common development. Realize the upgrade service of large TV screen, give full play to the advantages of network media through 5g network, and promote the development of radio and television formats through ultra-high definition video and augmented reality. With the support of the network, we should promote the creativity of media content and create a new application mode of smart radio and television.


To sum up, the radio and television industry can make full use of the advantages of 5g, combine its own characteristics, establish a 5g network layout, introduce advanced technical talents, increase investment in R & D funds, and adhere to content as the king and innovate constantly in radio and television programs, so as to attract more users’ attention and promote the development of the radio and television industry.

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