On October 15, Yuejiang technology 2021 cloud new product launch officially released China’s first self-developed six degree of freedom force feedback master haptics 6D and teleoperation system matrix.os. Based on 5g technology, the new product released this time has achieved 0.005mm position resolution, 0.1N force feedback accuracy, 4kHz tactile refresh rate and 60 frame video fluency. With the ultimate sense of presence, it has realized the infinite extension of human tactile, visual and other perceptual abilities. It is the human-computer interaction interface for human beings to enter the meta cosmic virtual space in the future, It can realize the interoperability between virtual and real space.


Yuejiang teleoperation system matrix.os

The cross Xinjiang teleoperation system matrix.os is composed of three parts: operation end, obstacle section and remote end. It is perceived by the force feedback master hand and computer. After receiving the perceived information, people make decision control and transmit it through 5g or other communication modules to realize the operation of remote robot (slave hand). Among them, haptics 6D is the core product of this release.

Force feedback master hand haptics 6D

Real time force feedback endows human tactile perception

Haptics 6D is a six degree of freedom, with force feedback function, and can be dragged freely without gravity and low resistance. As the core of the teleoperation system and the hardware directly controlled by the user, accurate operation and real-time feedback are the key.


Force feedback master haptics 6D

Real time force feedback is the most basic requirement for building operational telepresence. Haptics 6D adopts 6 active force feedback custom motors, combined with EtherCAT real-time bus and dynamic model compensation algorithm to achieve the minimum perceptual force of 0.1N and 4kHz refresh rate and restore force perception with high precision.


Real time force feedback

High precision operation is the most key index of haptics 6D. Based on the dual encoder design, there is no need for zero calibration before use. Combined with the zero return difference wire transmission mechanism, the reverse clearance is eliminated to make the position resolution reach 0.005mm.

In addition, the series six degree of freedom structure and the lightweight body design of carbon fiber aerospace materials make haptics 6D obtain greater movement space, high stiffness and high strength. At the same time, haptics 6D provides six user-defined buttons, which can be set according to personal usage habits to flexibly meet various complex operation requirements.

Teleoperation system matrix.os

Three key technologies, high-speed response and remote operation

Matrix.os adopts master-slave attitude synchronization algorithm to realize the direction alignment of remote image display, obtain more natural and comfortable control, and meet the operation of subtle scenes with smooth vision.


Master slave attitude synchronization

The dynamic tracking algorithm is used to effectively suppress overshoot and oscillation and improve position tracking response. Combined with 5g ultra-low delay communication, the tracking delay of master-slave robot can be ensured to be less than 10ms.


dynamic tracking

Based on the master-slave synchronization technology of Cartesian space pose, the direct control of the same / heterogeneous slave hand at the operator is realized. Combined with the “synchronization clutch” switching control, the operable space can be expanded, and the direct operation of the master-slave motion range to reduce the small scene by 100 times and enlarge the huge scene by 100 times can be realized.

Matrix.os realizes the extension of human hands, makes the cross space operation “within reach”, and the operation is accurate and natural, so that people’s wisdom and experience are fully released and transmitted, which can not be replaced by weak artificial intelligence, which is the value of man-machine cooperative robot.

Remote man-machine cooperation, unlimited possibilities

The 6-DOF master hand released by Yuejiang technology this time will form a teleoperation system with its full series of cooperative manipulators, which is mainly used in nuclear power, medical treatment and virtual training scenarios. In the medical field, the teleoperation integrated with human wisdom, including experience and decision-making, can solve the problem that robots can not deal with judgment. Through the real-time perceptual feedback of vision and force, it can help doctors diagnose the disease more stereoscopically, accurately and quickly, and carry out surgical operations.

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Medical surgery simulation


Remote ultrasonic testing


Nuclear radiation experiment

As we all know, the current price of teleoperation master equipment is still very expensive. The price of a foreign teleoperation master with good quality and reaching the medical application level is nearly one million yuan, and scalable peripherals are scarce, and the system is relatively closed. After the localization of Yuejiang, the price can be reduced to less than 100000, which will not only save huge costs for users, but also bring a wider range of landing application scenarios.

Imagine that future children can gain experience and knowledge, skills training and promotion in the virtual world through remote operation; Doctors can provide examination and treatment for patients in remote areas with the help of teleoperation equipment, so as to maximize the benefits of limited high-quality medical resources; In dangerous work scenes, such as live working, nuclear radiation area, etc., teleoperation equipment can replace workers in dangerous work; Even in remote outer space, we can use teleoperation equipment to explore and discover.

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