The first risc-v processor with vector expansion function certified by ISO 26262 ASIL D adopts high-speed and high-capacity Xinsi technology z01x fault simulation solution.

Mountain view, California November 11, 2021 / AP /–

main points:

With the support of z01x functional safety verification solution and Xinsi technology, nsitex obtained ISO 26262 ASIL D certification two months earlier than expected

Z01x fault simulation provides detailed functional safety verification and complete fault model set, which improves the unified functional safety verification solution of Xinsi technology

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPs) recently announced that z01x ™ The fault simulation solution successfully assisted the risc-v processor IP supplier nsitex to realize the dr1000c parallel processor IP, and passed the ISO 26262 automotive safety integrity level (ASIC) d certification two months in advance, further consolidating the leading position of Xinsi technology in functional safety verification. With the speed and capacity of z01x, nsitex launched the industry’s first vector extended risc-v processor certified by ISO 26262 ASIL level D, which meets the high-functional safety standards for safety critical applications such as automobiles.

Hideki Sugimoto, chief technology officer of nsiltexe, said: “Our customers can integrate dr1000c processor IP into the chip design of their safety critical applications. I ensure that the system can operate reliably with higher performance in a challenging environment. Our cooperation with Xinsi technology can ensure the functional safety compliance of dr1000c. We are willing to continue this combination, including using Xinsi technology’s ASIP design tool Short development time of customized automobile processor, and use the haps FPGA prototype verification platform of Xinsi technology to verify the IP of data flow processor. “

Compliance with functional safety standards is very important for automotive electronic products. The dr1000c processor IP of nsitex has passed the ASIL D certification of sgs-t Ü V, and the hardware security features are integrated in the design, so that it can meet the ASIL D security requirements without any external security mechanism. The processor is very suitable for reducing the high load algorithm processing required by automotive microcontrollers for safety critical systems and embedded applications such as factory automation, radar and sensor processing.

Z01x solution can provide high-speed fault simulation and testability analysis in accordance with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards. It is a part of Xinsi technology’s unified functional safety solution, which can shorten the time to obtain ISO 26262 certification for automotive IP companies and semiconductor companies who want to achieve ASIC level D certification. Nsitex also uses Veritas Verdi ® Automatic debugging system to enhance the debugging, coverage and planning ability of zoix fault simulation.

Vikas Gautam, vice president of engineering of Xinsi technology verification division, said: “In today’s electronically driven automotive and industrial design, functional safety compliance is one of the key elements. Xinsi technology continues to build powerful solutions to meet higher functional safety compliance requirements. The z01x solution has the functions of high-speed simulation, statistical sampling and extensive fault modeling. Therefore, nsitex can launch the first product in the industry that meets the requirements of ASIC level D certification Risc-v processor with vector expansion function. “

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