Recently, anmou technology announced that Wu xiongang, executive chairman and CEO, won the “annual outstanding contributor Award” of the global electronic achievement award to commend his outstanding contribution to promoting the development of China’s semiconductor industry. In the past year, Wu xiongang led anmou technology to complete the strategic transformation of “two wheel drive”, release the new business brand “core power”, and promote the release of the neural network processor instruction set architecture (NPU ISA) of “China’s first and global open source”, so as to help the industry achieve comprehensive innovation.

Wu xiongang said: “winning the ‘annual outstanding contributor award’ is not only a personal honor, but also a high recognition of the comprehensive strength of anmou technology and the development of enabling industries in the industry. In the future, anmou technology will focus on the needs of domestic industries for core technologies and continue to make efforts on the self-developed intelligent data flow integration computing platform to support the development of China’s intelligent computing industry.”

With the explosive development of AI, 5g, IOT and other technologies, the generation of massive data streams and diversified application scenarios have brought significant development opportunities to the intelligent computing industry. In this process, the innovation based on CPU architecture and process improvement is slowing down day by day, which has been unable to meet the demand for the rapid growth of diversified computing power in the new scenario. The core power of computing power improvement is expanding from CPU to computing units represented by NPU, ISP, Vpu, GPU, etc.

With an insight into this trend, Wu xiongang led anmou technology to make an important strategic judgment this year – to create a new computing architecture and promote the improvement of 100 times the computing power in the future. In August this year, anmou technology officially released the “two wheel drive” strategy. On the one hand, it continued to promote the localization and ecological development of ARM CPU architecture; On the other hand, it launched a new business brand “core power”, focusing on building XPU products with independent architecture and diversified ecology. XPU is an open intelligent data stream fusion computing platform. According to different applications, anmou technology will form different solutions with computing units that process AI, video, image and other functions to solve the problem of processing efficiency of massive intelligent data streams and meet the diversified needs of customers.

The new business brand “core power” of anmou technology takes the independent architecture of XPU as the core, including many self-developed XPU product series such as “Zhouyi” NPU, “Shanhai” SPU, “Linglong” ISP and “Linglong” Vpu previously released by anmou technology. So far, nearly 100 local customers have been authorized. It is expected that the shipment of “China core” based on “nuclear core power” self-developed XPU products will exceed 100 million pieces in 2021.

As the core of XPU architecture, NPU has become the key technology of Artificial Intelligence Computing with its advantages in deep learning. In July this year, with the strong support and promotion of Wu xiongang, anmou technology jointly launched the “intelligent computing industry technology innovation Consortium” (onia), and jointly released the world’s first open source neural network processor instruction set architecture (NPU ISA). This NPU ISA, which is “China’s first and global open source”, will gather global industrial chain resources, build ecology and share achievements through an open model, and promote NPU ecological construction. Onia includes the representative forces of China’s IC industry, learning and research. It is expected that by the end of 2021, there will be more than 100 member units.

At this year’s Wuzhen World Internet Conference, the NPU isa won the award of “World Internet leading scientific and technological achievements”, which fully affirmed the concept of anmou technology to promote the innovation and development of Intelligent Computing ecology through the mode of “China’s first launch and global open source”.

In the future, under the guidance of the “two wheel drive” strategy, anmou technology will continue to build a CPU + XPU integrated computing platform, build a local ecosystem based on open source and open NPU ISA, support XPU ecological construction and promote the innovation and development of Intelligent Computing ecology through various means such as technology and capital support.

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