The concept of meta universe has welcomed the favor of major technology giants.

In March this year, roblox, the “first stock of the universe”, was listed, and its market value soared 10 times, approaching us $50 billion; China spent 9 billion to acquire VR company; Then, examples such as the renaming of Facebook can see the layout of the future metauniverse.

Immersive experience is also one of the components of the meta universe, so it is most likely to rely on VR in the early stage of the meta universe, and VR / AR equipment is the necessary hardware to support immersive experience.

With the rapid development of 5g, cloud computing, VR / AR and other technologies, the door of virtual world and real world has been opened. It is undeniable that VR / AR products will usher in a period of accelerated development in the future.

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