With the advent of the “5g” era, VR / AR, as one of the most important scenes in the 5g era, will produce dividends.

Rent increases, peer competition, cross-border robbery, thin profits! This led to the closure of factories and shops, and the physical business was struggling. At a time when real entrepreneurs are full of grief, “VR + new retail” was born, enabling the real industry with technology, and is launching a great commercial change of online and offline integration. Today, VR / AR, which leads the new era, has fired its first shot in this vast blue ocean. VR / AR technology is like a few sparks in the dark. Riding the east wind of 5g, it is rising rapidly and ready to subvert the times at any time. Can you seize this opportunity and become the winner of the next decade?

People’s needs are diverse. Online shopping is a kind of enjoyment, and offline shopping is also a kind of enjoyment. Who can get through online and offline and build a bridge between the two?

In 2016, Taobao proposed buy + plan layout VR shopping. JD mall launched VR imagination shopping, auto home launched VR car viewing, lianjia.com launched VR house viewing, and foreign offline retail giant Wal Mart, e-commerce giant Amazon and other major enterprises made frequent moves in the VR field. All this proves that VR shopping is also becoming a new and strange trend. The immersive experience brought by VR is considered by new retail practitioners as one of the most attractive ways to play, and may become a major feature in the new retail industry in the near future.

VR business uses VR technology, head mounted displays and smartphones / computers to enhance and promote the shopping experience. It allows new retailers to immerse consumers in a customized world and combine traditional online shopping elements with 3D experience, so as to increase consumers’ participation and improve consumers’ shopping experience comfort. At present, major brands have noticed this retail revolution and provided VR business options, as well as reliable technology. Not only online retailers, but also many new retail physical brands have begun to embrace the upsurge of VR. At the same time, the arrival of 5g also gave birth to the development trend of immersive shopping.

The use of vr virtual reality technology is to build a virtual immersive scene and let people experience the content. The built scene can be real or virtual.

If we think about how to build our consumption scenes, then we should think about the next question about “interactive experience”. It is not only the user’s interaction with VR scenes, but also the interaction between users and goods, users and merchants. As the saying goes, VR scenes without interaction, no VR, and no interactive experience have no soul.

Maybe many VR designs have made the previous scene construction and experience Interaction very mature, but they often ignore the guidance tips. The next decade is the era of new retail, and the future is that online and offline must be combined. Although VR is currently in the development stage from children to teenagers, VR + new retail has a good development foundation. If the two are combined, it may bring new vitality to new retail in the near future.


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