• Arm ® Ethos ™- U65 micronpu is the first in the industry, enabling the application processor to realize fast, efficient and low-cost machine learning acceleration, which is suitable for all kinds of Internet of things, automotive and industrial edge applications
  • Leverage advanced NXP edgelock ® The security zone strengthens the on-chip security function and simplifies the deployment of security edge applications
  • The integrated real-time MCU core can provide low-power, always online machine learning and sensor fusion functions

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – November 12, 2021 – NXP semiconductors N.V., NASDAQ: nxpi) today announced the launch of i.MX 93 series application processors, which are specially designed for automotive, smart home, smart building and smart factory applications. They use edge machine learning to realize prediction and automation according to user needs. As the first application processor of NXP i.MX 9 series, the new i.MX 93 series combines the industry’s first landing of arm ethos-u65 micronpu with excellent security and high integration to provide efficient, fast and safe machine learning at the edge. With these characteristics, this series of processors enables developers to carry out R & D for a wide range of applications in various fields, including voice assisted smart home and smart building, low-power industrial gateway and vehicle driving monitoring system.

The key to the development of edge applications is that the system can process system input and make wise decisions locally with high precision. In order to solve these challenges, i.MX 93 series adopts multi-core heterogeneous architecture and integrates up to two 1.7GHz arm cortex ®- A55 application processor core and a real-time cortex-m33 core microcontroller subsystem can fully access all SOC peripherals, including arm ethos-u65 micronpu, which realizes 256 Macs per cycle for the first time in the industry. The architecture has excellent energy-efficient machine learning performance and a wide range of applications, including compact battery powered Internet of things devices, which need powerful and energy-efficient application processors to achieve long battery life.

i. MX 93 series is highly integrated. In addition to a series of widely used multimedia interfaces, it also supports a variety of industrial and automotive connection interface protocols. Therefore, designers can more easily realize the multi system connection of i.MX 93 devices. This also reduces the need for external hardware components and additional design work, which can shorten the time to market and reduce the overall system cost.

Ron Martino, executive vice president and general manager of edge processing business department of NXP, said: “The number of interconnected devices in the world is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 75 billion by 2030. It is very critical that we ensure high energy efficiency, high security and intelligence on each device. I.MX 93 application processor is highly integrated, which helps to create a series of new use cases at the edge. Such use cases need to be closely combined with sensor data to make rapid decisions Decision making. Only in this way can a new generation of safe, efficient and intelligent devices be implemented in the Internet of things, industrial Internet of things and automotive applications. “

NXP edgelock and azure sphere ensure security

NXP edgelock ® Security zone is a pre configured self-management autonomous security subsystem. It is a standard on-chip function in i.MX 9 series, so that developers can achieve equipment security objectives without deep security expertise.

Maintaining long-term security of edge devices after initial deployment is a challenge, which needs the help of uninterrupted trusted management services. NXP has cooperated with Microsoft to build the “cloud security” i.MX 93-cs series using Microsoft azure sphere, providing customers with comprehensive chip to cloud security solutions, as well as continuous updates and security improvements for more than a decade.

Halina McMaster, Partner Program Manager for Microsoft azure sphere, said: “We provide a comprehensive platform for developers, which is actively supported by a large number of Microsoft software, cloud and security experts with relevant professional technology to help developers build, connect and maintain innovative Internet of things devices more easily. Together with NXP, we launch a variety of Microsoft azure sphere certified edge processors, which can be used by customers Applications provide a secure environment and bring important wireless update infrastructure, and each azure sphere chip enjoys more than ten years of continuous security improvement support. I. MX 93-cs chip makes a new generation of secure Internet of things devices possible and brings opportunities for cross industry performance optimization, sustainability and security. “

The i.MX 93-cs processor running azure sphere implements Microsoft pluton on the edgelock security zone. Pluton on edgelock security zone, as a reliable hardware trust root (built in the chip), can realize the whole azure sphere security stack, laying the foundation for the development of highly secure devices for a variety of Internet of things and industrial applications.

Other details

  • Machine learning application development using i.MX 93 series will pass EIQ ® Implementation of software development environment, including EIQ toolkit workflow tool, GUI Based EIQ portal development environment and EIQ reasoning engine option including arm ethos-u65 micronpu as reasoning target.
  • i. The MX 93 application processor adopts NXP’s innovative energy flex architecture, enabling developers to optimize the energy use of each operation mode, so as to create portable devices with longer battery life and help reduce the carbon footprint of power supply devices.
  • i. MX 93 series will join NXP’s continuous product supply plan.

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