Lightos fully passes VMware vSphere ® 7.3 certification

Beijing, China, October 2021 – based on nvme ™ Lightbits labs, leader in scalable software defined elastic block storage solutions ® (Lightbits ®) Recently announced that the company has successfully completed lightos ® For VMware vSphere ® 7. Strict certification of update 3 and will be included in the VMware Compatibility Guide. Lightos software definition storage is provided with the third generation Intel Xeon scalable processor with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator and Intel aoten persistent memory (pmem) And 100GB Intel Ethernet 800 series network adapters and other Intel hardware, and these Intel hardware are fully optimized for private cloud and edge cloud, which can be used for VMware vSphere ® Delivers ultimate performance, flexibility, and scalability while reducing costs.

Lightbits is nvme ™/ The pioneer of TCP technology has developed a decoupled storage solution that is easy to deploy on a large scale, and can provide performance similar to local flash memory. As a VMware technology alliance partner and design partner, lightbits has been working with VMware to develop and test new vSphere nvme / TCP features. Supporting native nvme / TCP in VMware vSphere is to build end-to-end NVM express ™ (nvme) solution is an important step in the ecosystem process.

Lightos enhances VMware environments with:

·Simplicity: it can be easily used on TCP / IP networks with standard protocols and drivers. Seamless integration into existing infrastructure and VMware environments.

·Flexibility: a fully software decoupled architecture supports independent expansion of storage and computing power. It can run on commercial hardware selected by customers and is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.

·High performance: with the support of Intel Xeon scalable processor with Intel DL boost technology, Intel ioton pmem and Intel Ethernet 800 series network adapter with application device queue (ADQ) technology, lightos can provide high IOPs and low latency, with performance equivalent to local flash memory without proprietary hardware, There are no strict capacity and performance restrictions.

·Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): by combining Intel’s high-performance hardware platform with lightos optimized for low-cost QLC solid state drives (SSDs), the realized data reduction function can significantly improve efficiency, and the decoupled architecture can maximize resource utilization. In addition, no hypervisor is required on the storage node.

·High availability: rich data services such as SSD level erastic raid, configuring replicas by volume, multi tenancy, snapshot, cloning, remote monitoring, etc. can realize high elasticity and high availability storage across the entire virtualization platform.

“Leading companies in the digital field are looking for high-performance infrastructure that can be deployed on demand around the world from Equinix,” said Zac Smith, general manager of Equinix metal. “For many years, nvme / TCP has been committed to providing higher performance, greater deployment flexibility and better cost-effectiveness through the decoupling of ‘super large scale mode’ of storage and computing. Therefore, we are glad to see lightbits, VMware and Intel cooperate to bring this capability to our customers.”

Lightos is a scalable and efficient nvme / TCP storage solution with intelligent flash memory management function, which can improve the durability of flash memory by up to 20 times. It can be easily deployed on a large scale and provides performance comparable to that of local flash memory. A single lightos cluster can provide performance above 40m IOPs (random read) and 10PB user capacity, and the delay is less than 200 μ s。 Organizations that previously used iSCSI can switch to nvme / TCP on the same network infrastructure and achieve higher performance. In addition to high performance, lightos also provides rich data services, such as multi tenancy, thin provisioning, snapshot, cloning, remote monitoring, dynamic rebalancing, etc., so as to realize high elastic storage across the entire virtualization platform.

“With the explosive growth of data, enterprises are committed to large-scale digital transformation. In order to extract the value of data, applications need to quickly store, access and analyze data. In the past few years, private cloud and cloud service providers have been running cloud native applications based on lightbits solutions and benefited from our integration with kubernetes. Now we are very happy to be able to With its support for nvme / TCP, it can provide VMware users with a high-performance and highly available storage solution, “said Kam eshghi, chief strategy officer of lightbits. “Organizations with private and hybrid clouds, as well as cloud service providers and financial service providers, can now gain performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness advantages through the combined solutions of VMware, lightbits and Intel.”

Lightbits, VMware and Intel jointly held an online group meeting at vmworld 2021, with the theme of “cloud everywhere Transformation: nvme / TCP operating models on data center and cloud”.

Support speech

Paul Turner, vice president of product management, VMware vSphere

“Enterprise IT organizations that support esxi workloads want the latest technology to stay ahead in a competitive market. VMware works with lightbits and Intel through powerful nvme over fabrics (nvme of) Technology roadmap to improve their storage support capabilities. Nvme of technology provides data centers with unprecedented remote access to nvme storage. Increasing support for nvme / TCP ensures that VMware hosts can better support modern applications that require high IOPs, low latency, and each storage server has a high-capacity and high-density block storage solution. “

Remi El ouazzane, chief strategy officer, data center and Artificial Intelligence Division, Intel Corporation

“To overcome customers’ challenges, we need to prepare the hardware and software infrastructure of the data center. Working with innovative enterprises such as VMware and lightbits has strengthened our ability to provide complete solutions to meet these challenges. Intel can provide complete high-performance technology platforms for the data center, such as Intel Xeon scalable processor and Intel Telotan pmem and Intel Ethernet 800 series network adapters are crucial to realizing the promise of nvme / TCP. The integration of lightos and Intel technology, especially for VMware environment, can provide cost-effective and lower TCO optimized storage solutions for customers of private cloud infrastructure and cloud service providers, while maintaining high performance and extremely low latency 。”

Christos Karamanolis, member of the Advisory Board of lightbits Labs

“The platform will provide core advantages for any organization that needs to improve the scale and utilization of its infrastructure, whether in financial services or other industries. Lightos can enable the data center to take full advantage of nvme / TCP. When combined with VMware esxi and Intel hardware, organizations can use their existing data center network to quickly and easily establish high-performance and scalable networks For vSphere users who want flexibility, high availability and high performance in an easy-to-use solution, this solution is very attractive. “

Eric Burgener, vice president of research, IDC

“At present, most enterprises are making smooth digital transformation and turning to a more data-driven business model. In order to achieve agility and better meet the needs of performance, scalability, availability and efficiency, enterprises are modernizing their storage infrastructure and turning to more server-based software defined architectures that support n VME and cloud technology. We envision nvme / TCP as an enabling technology for cost-effective high-performance decoupled storage architecture, which is similar to the architecture being used by large-scale enterprises. This release provides an out of the box solution that can provide the same performance, availability Scalability and efficiency benefits. “


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