Recently, some media reported that Zhang Xinzhe’s “futuristic” world tour concert started at Wuxi Sports Center Gymnasium. Through paperless, the admission efficiency of the concert can be twice as high as that of paper tickets. At the same time, it can also connect travel, meals and other consumption scenes to achieve a variety of value-added services. More importantly, it can avoid the emergence of fake tickets and use blockchain Credit investigation and other technologies to track and curb scalpers.

For popular star concerts, the previous model is like this: Concert + cattle, then for Zhang Xinzhe’s concert, Zhang Xinzhe + blockchain. So, does the blockchain have mature technology to be used in the future ticketing market mean that scalpers are completely cool? If you look down, your brain will open!

Blockchain replaces scalpers

For the concert of a popular star, there is a lot of sadness behind the difficulty of obtaining a ticket. For example, you need to find a scalper to buy a ticket. The ticket you buy with more money is fake. However, in the fight against scalpers, blockchain technology may soon outperform relevant law enforcement departments to curb scalpers’ behavior through paperless technology. So, what links does this technology operate to?

Taking the ticket purchase stage as an example, paperless technology enables electronic tickets to have technologies such as dynamic QR code encryption and dynamic anti-counterfeiting strip through the implementation of risk control measures, so as to ensure the safety of tickets. The daily operation of the “scalpers” in life is that scalpers choose to hire many people to grab tickets under their real names. Even if the current rules set rules such as “real name system and limiting the number of tickets purchased by a single person”, it can not be solved. However, with the “paperless technology”, the ticket purchase record will be recorded by the credit investigation of sesame credit, and the credit investigation record will affect your future business loans, house purchase loans and so on. This time, scalpers choose to hire many people to grab tickets under their real names. They can’t sell them to others except watching concerts themselves, because everyone’s life is inseparable from credit endorsement.

At the same time, in Zhang Xinzhe’s concert, paperless technology is still trying to connect with blockchain technology to realize the whole process traceability of ticket circulation and all data on the chain.

It is worth noting that not long ago, CCTV exposed all kinds of fraud projects in the name of blockchain. It can be seen that the central government has a clear attitude and severely crack down on fraud under the name of blockchain. Zhang Xinzhe’s “future” World Tour adopts blockchain technology, which is a good attempt to respond to the implementation of blockchain technology and serve social progress.

Meanwhile, some insiders believe that the application of blockchain technology in concerts, football matches and other scenes means that there may be no primary market or secondary market, but only a free, open and regulated market. Through smart contract market supervision, the audience will bypass the cumbersome process and more quickly verify whether they have a real ticket, which will greatly hit the living space of cattle.

Keio Dongye joins the fight against counterfeiting

In terms of current policies, electronic bills will be the main direction in the future. At the end of 2019, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the notice, which stated that a national unified performance ticket supervision service platform should be established to promote the openness and transparency of ticket warehouses; It also proposes to strengthen the supervision of ticket source and flow, support the full use of information network technology, monitor the source and flow of performance tickets in real time, and promote fair trading of performance tickets.

The advantages of blockchain can be summarized into three aspects;

One is decentralization: due to the use of Distributed Accounting and storage, there is no centralized hardware or management organization, the rights and obligations of any node are equal, and the data blocks in the system are jointly maintained by the nodes with maintenance function in the whole system.

The second is autonomy: the blockchain adopts consensus based specifications and Protocols (such as a set of open and transparent algorithms) so that all nodes in the whole system can freely and safely exchange data in a distrusted environment, so that the trust in “people” is changed into the trust in machines, and any human intervention will not work.

Third, the information cannot be tampered with: once the information is verified and added to the blockchain, it will be permanently stored. Unless more than 51% of the nodes in the system can be controlled at the same time, the modification of the database on a single node is invalid. Therefore, the data stability and reliability of the blockchain are very high.

Bitcoin, which appeared as early as 2008, is the first “crystallization” of blockchain technology. According to Melanie swan, founder of blockchain Science Research Institute, the development of blockchain technology is divided into three stages: 1.0 period, programmable currency; 2.0 period, programmable finance; In the period of 3.0, the programmable society, “it more corresponds to the change of human organizational form, including health, science, culture, blockchain based justice, voting, etc.”

Even the blockchain has penetrated into the anti-counterfeiting link of the cultural and entertainment industry. A team called unlimited IP (i.e. chain Entertainment Technology) has created an intelligent IP trading platform perpendicular to entertainment based on blockchain technology.

What does this trading platform mainly do? The services that can be provided to art creators include but are not limited to: basic services such as copyright deposit certificate of cultural and entertainment products, IP copyright transaction, IP copyright scene splitting and integration. The latest news is that even the works of Keio Tono, the great God of Japanese suspense novel, have joined this intelligent trading platform.

That is to say, in the future, Keio Dongye will never have any works authorized to remake or adapt without his own knowledge and consent. All products in various artistic forms such as games, animation and musicals derived from his IP can be tracked at any time through blockchain technology.

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