October 18, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and promoting industrial innovation, announced that it would hold the second intelligent robot special online activity of “2021 tradeze electronic technology innovation week” from October 27 to 29, and specially invited technical experts from ADI, Kyocera, AVX, ONSEMI, VICOR and other international well-known manufacturers, Researchers from Shanghai Robotics Industry Research Institute, Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and associate professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University shared with you the technical application and innovative ideas in the field of intelligent robots during the two time periods of 14:10-14:50 and 15:10-15:50, and explored the future development trend of robots. In addition, a vr virtual exhibition hall was set up in this activity, so that the audience can visit the manufacturer’s booths and application products online and deeply experience the VR panoramic visual feast.

At present, robots and artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and mobile Internet technology continue to integrate and innovate, and are widely used in high-tech industries such as equipment manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine and smart new energy, which greatly promotes the reform of the industry. At the technical level, the key technologies of intelligent robot include machine vision, multi-sensor information fusion, human-computer interaction and mechatronics, and will continue to develop in the direction of human-computer interaction, bionics, energy storage and logic analysis. In order to enable engineers to deeply learn robot knowledge, this activity will bring you two new ideas of traditional power supply methods in robot applications – Modular distributed power supply scheme, development towards intelligent robot industry, sensing technology enabling intelligent robots, and application of super capacitor (EDLC) in the field of intelligent robots, Industrial robots and cooperative robots are the future development trend, the application of global exposure image sensors and lidar in the field of industrial robots, and the application of machine vision in space robots. They lead engineers to further understand the industrial development status and future trend of robots, and flexibly learn and master robot application technology, Help engineers give full play to their technical advantages in different application scenarios and easily solve design problems.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of MAOZe electronics, said: “As an automatic control machine, robot places people’s demand that it can replace people to complete more precise and efficient work in a specific scene. With the progress of intelligent technology, people’s exploration of robot is also upgrading in the direction of intelligence. In the R & D and design of robot, engineers need to have sufficient hardware and software knowledge It also needs the ability to learn new knowledge at any time. Therefore, in this “intelligent robot” topic, tradeze electronics invited many industry technical experts, researchers and university professors to explain the theme from different angles such as design ideas, industrial development, important technologies and industrial applications, and set up an enterprise virtual exhibition hall to increase everyone’s understanding of manufacturers, their products and technologies To help you integrate into the learning of robot knowledge with a vivid and three-dimensional experience, so as to make a rapid breakthrough in the subsequent practical application. We very much welcome the engineers to actively participate in this live broadcast, discuss and exchange as much as possible, and improve their knowledge and skills in robotics. “

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