Watch the innovative solutions of factory automation, intelligent building and asset management at booth 2c17 / 1 of hall 2.

October 18, 2021 – ONSEMI (NASDAQ: on), which is ahead of smart power supply and smart sensing technology, will show its latest technological progress at the international Internet of things exhibition (iote) held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 23 to 25. At the leading Internet of things (IOT) exhibition in Asia, visitors will see the company’s intelligent solution demonstration for factory automation, intelligent building and asset management at ansenmey booth (booth 2c17 / 1 of hall 2), and can discuss the application with relevant technicians.

The recently released 2.3 million pixel CMOS image sensor ar0234cs, with high dynamic range and innovative pixel design, will be displayed at Anson art exhibition. It provides excellent image definition of 120 frames per second (FPS) for machine vision cameras and autonomous mobile robots.

Demonstrations that can be used in various factory automation applications will include an X-cube reference design based on XGS 5000. The device is a 5.3 megapixel (2592 x 2048) CMOS image sensor, adopts 2 / 3-inch optical format, supports 132 frames per second (FPS) reading, and has 12 bit output at full resolution. The XGS 5000 shares a common design and space occupation with other members of the XGS series, so that a camera design can support multiple resolutions, simplifying and accelerating the time to market of new camera designs.

Viewers can also preview a 1 / 8-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active pixel array of 640 x 480, using a new innovative global shutter pixel design optimized for fast and accurate capture of moving scenes. This small-size, feature rich device is designed for high performance while ensuring low-power operation. It is an ideal choice for video graphics array (VGA) industrial cameras for intelligent access control.

For smart buildings, ansenmey will focus on sustainable, battery free applications enabled by the industry’s lowest power consumption rsl10 Bluetooth Le radio. One demonstration is the rsl10 solar cell multi-sensor platform, which is a complete low-cost scheme for developing self powered sensor nodes, using the collected solar energy to provide continuous sensor technology without batteries. Another demonstration is the energy acquisition Bluetooth low-power switch using rsl10 sip, which is a self powered reference design for battery free intelligent applications such as lighting, door and window control and step counter.

The interconnected lighting scheme using ncl3100 LED driver is another key display scheme for intelligent buildings. The scheme provides data intelligence and accurate positioning (up to 30 cm), enabling IOT manufacturers to develop LED lamps with light-based positioning technology and visible light communication.

Asset management is another highlight on Anson’s booth, because many industries are investing in new ways to receive real-time and operable data and understand the status (monitoring) and location (tracking) of assets. The rsl10 asset tag utilizes quppa intelligent locating system ™ Real time location service (RTLS) will demonstrate indoor location, which is a competitive advantage for companies in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Anfuli iotconnect ® The platform includes rsl10 sensor development kit, provides a series of pre integrated hardware and software solutions, and has a series of connection options. Its cloud based ecosystem eliminates the complexity of IOT development as much as possible.

In addition, Yang Zhenglong, senior marketing manager of ansenmey’s industrial solutions division, will deliver a speech on the theme of “Bluetooth low power technology for intelligent buildings” at the smart home innovation and application summit in hall 2, hall 1 at 11:00 on October 24.

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