Powervr GPU provides powerful assistance for China’s automotive chip development with its excellent performance and comprehensive support capability

London, UK and Nanjing, China – May 29, 2020 – imaging technologies announced that simidrive (hereinafter referred to as “simidrive”) has adopted imagination’s powervr series 9xm graphics processor (GPU) in its released intelligent cockpit chip x9. At present, the chip has been taped and successfully started. Xinchi technology is an enterprise focusing on the design of vehicle specification level chip, which is committed to providing high reliable and high-performance intelligent cockpit, safe driving, core gateway and other automotive SOC products for intelligent connected vehicles.

Xinchi technology is one of the few semiconductor design enterprises that have passed the ISO 26262 functional safety management system certification in China. It is also the first enterprise in China to obtain the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety management system certificate issued by t Ü V Rhine, which can meet the national vehicle regulations and risk control standards. The chip successfully streamed this time is a new intelligent cockpit chip in the vehicle on chip strategy of Xinchi technology, which can meet the demand of automotive electronic cockpit for computing power and multimedia performance, and further enhance China’s strength in the field of high-performance and high reliable intelligent car chips. The new generation chip has the hardware virtualization ability of intelligent cockpit, especially in the full HD multi screen virtualization mode, its hardware virtualization acceleration unit driveboost shows amazing performance. At the same time, with the powerful support provided by imagination’s powervr GPU, the display efficiency of virtual subsystem is greatly improved, which is close to the efficiency of hardware transparent call.

Imagination has been deeply involved in the automotive industry for more than 10 years, and the automotive chips developed by imagination’s GPU have always been in the leading position in the global shipping volume. The powervr 9xm GPU used in smart cockpit chip of Xinchi technology belongs to the powervr series 9 GPU product series of imaging, which realizes the comprehensive optimization of power consumption / performance / area (PPA), and its high performance density makes it an ideal solution for automobile market. The GPU of imaging can provide the following performance or support for automotive chips:

·Quality management process and traceability of all cores to support customers to implement SOC in accordance with ISO 26262 and its ASIL security requirements.

·Provide extended support for hypervisor, automotive operating system and safety critical API.

·ASIL and other certification related documents, specifically for automotive applications.

·It can provide hardware virtualization function with guaranteed quality of service and security, ECC and BIST technology support reliability and restoration degree.

·Long term support, including support for specific software versions, can help chip companies support OEMs.

Qiu Yujing, chief executive officer of Xinchi technology, said: “imaging’s GPU has powerful performance. For example, its hardware virtualization function can provide good isolation between various applications / operating systems, improve security and maximize the utilization of underlying GPU hardware. In addition, imaging has rich experience in the automotive industry and cooperates with many of the world’s leading automotive chip companies throughout the year. It has a profound understanding of the needs and challenges of the automotive market. All these are the reasons why we choose imaging as our partner. We hope that both sides can cooperate to develop more vehicle specification level chips to help China’s automotive chip field continue to enhance its strength and improve its layout. “

Ray Bingham, chief executive officer of imaging, said: “intelligence is the development hotspot of the automotive industry, and the importance of automotive chips in it is self-evident. Today, China’s independent auto chips are in urgent need of development, Xinchi technology has played a good role as a model. We are very happy to cooperate with Xinchi technology to develop its intelligent cockpit chip. At the same time, we would like to congratulate on the smooth flow and successful release of the chip. Imaging has always attached great importance to the support for Chinese partners. We will continue to provide high-performance products and comprehensive support services for Centrino technology and more Chinese enterprises to help them develop more powerful automotive chips. “

In the future, in addition to intelligent cockpit chips, imaging will cooperate with Centrino technology in more application scenarios such as AI acceleration and high-performance hybrid computing. Aiming at the autopilot chip of another important product line of Xinchi technology, the latest generation of neural network accelerator (NNA) powervr series3nx of imaging can provide up to 160tops of computing power; For its high-end cockpit chip, the newly released img A-Series GPU can provide higher performance, faster processing speed and lower power consumption.

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