XS GPU can provide safety critical graphics processing and advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) calculation acceleration functions, and has obtained ISO 26262 process consistency certification

London, July 8, 2020 – imaging technologies announced the launch of the XS graphics processor (GPU) product family for the automotive sector, which enables advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) acceleration and safety critical graphics processing functions. XS is the most advanced automobile GPU intellectual property (IP) developed so far, and is the industry’s first authorized IP in line with ISO 26262 standard, which aims to solve the functional safety risks existing in the automobile industry.

Next generation on-board systems such as panoramic view, digital instrument panel and ADAS all need safety critical graphics processing and computing functions. The design of XS adopts a new security architecture, which has a unique computing and graphics processing mechanism, and can enhance the performance of key workload up to 2 times, so as to achieve rich, high-performance and functional security graphics processing capabilities.

Imaging introduces the most advanced XS graphics processor (GPU) intellectual property (IP) products in the automotive industry

The main features of XS GPU include:

·Adas computing acceleration: the XS product family is specially optimized for ADAS acceleration, providing high-performance and functional security computing power.

·Safety critical graphics processing: XS is the industry’s first GPU product series designed for safety critical graphics processing applications, in which GPU is responsible for key tasks such as digital dashboard, panoramic surround and camera system.

·ISO 26262 process consistency: XS is the first GPU IP meeting ISO 26262 standard in automotive industry. OEM, tier 1 and semiconductor suppliers can now confidently integrate ISO 26262 compliant IP into their products.

With the automotive system becoming more and more complex, the requirement of functional safety is also higher and higher. The new security architecture includes patent pending technology, which enables imagination to verify and ensure the correct execution and transmission of GPU data. In addition to lockstep mechanism, XS also includes hardware mechanism, which can execute security critical workload on computing and graphics processing functions and maximize performance at the same time.

James Hodgson, chief analyst at ABI research, said: “imagination redesigned its GPU to provide security at all levels, and created a customized kernel to meet the needs of the automotive market, especially ADAS. The architecture adopts advanced design, in addition to existing functions such as virtualization, it also has new functions and security mechanisms, such as tile region protection. It’s crucial that these functions are integrated into the hardware, so they can be used without compromising performance. This is an important step forward for vehicle GPU and autopilot. “

Imaging recently announced that after successfully passing the review of its functional safety management system by Horiba Mira, the company has obtained the ISO 26262 process conformance certification statement. In addition, imaging announced that it has developed opengl for its automotive GPUs ® Safety critical 2.0 driver, enabling its customers to benefit from GPU acceleration in safety critical applications.

Jamie Broome, senior director of automotive business at imaging technologies, said: “our GPU has been selected many times in the automotive market because of its high performance, high reliability and unique functions. For example, our award-winning hardware virtualization solution supports running multiple screens, multiple operating systems, and multiple applications on the same GPU without performance loss. The launch of XS represents a step forward in the automotive field, and it also defines a new benchmark for the next generation of automotive system on chip (SOC). With our ISO 26262 compliant GPUs and software drivers, vehicle manufacturers and first tier suppliers can fully believe that by integrating our technology into their designs, they can quickly and cost effectively build SOC with functional security. “

Imaging is a leading GPU supplier. Its GPU can be used in a variety of automotive SOC, and its market share in the automotive field has exceeded 50%. It has realized on-board applications such as digital instrument panel, panoramic view and infotainment system.

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