London, UK, October 13, 2020 – imaginationstechnologies has announced the launch of a new imgb Series graphics processor (GPU), further expanding its GPU intellectual property (IP) product line. With its advanced multi-core architecture, B-series enables imagination customers to achieve higher performance levels than any other gpuip on the market while reducing power consumption. It provides up to 6tflops (trillions of floating point operations per second). Compared with previous generations of products, the power consumption is reduced by up to 30%, the area is reduced by 25%, and the filling rate is 2.5 times higher than that of competitive IP cores.

With IMGA series GPU, imagination has achieved an extraordinary leap forward on the basis of previous generations of products, thus occupying the industry leading position in terms of performance and power consumption characteristics. The B-series is another evolution of imaginationgpuip, which can provide the highest performance density (performance per mm2), and provide a variety of new configurations, which can achieve lower power consumption and up to 35% bandwidth reduction for a given performance goal, which makes it an ideal solution for top-level design.

The B series offers a wide range of configurations, giving our customers a wider choice. With the scalability of its core components, it is the ultimate solution for mobile devices (from high-end to entry-level), consumer devices, the Internet of things, microcontrollers, digital TV (DTV) and automobiles. In addition, the new multi-core architecture enables imgbxt products to reach the data center performance level, which is a unique capability for the current gpuip.

Imagine img B Series graphics processor is launched to provide a variety of options for the automotive industry

The B-series also includes imgbxs products, which are the first batch of GPU cores conforming to iso26262 standard, which can provide a variety of choices for the automotive industry: from a small security backup core to a high-power core for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and high-performance automatic driving.

Chris porthouse, chief product officer of imaging technologies, said: “we have adopted our best high-performance, low-power core in a multi-core architecture and integrated innovative decentralized management methods to provide efficient scalability and compatibility with industry trends such as chiplet architectures. This allows us to provide a range of performance levels and configurations that previous gpuip could not provide. “

“The imgb series offers more choices for our customers,” said Simon Beresford Wylie, chief executive officer of imaging technologies. It is based on a large amount of investment and the advantages of a series technology. At the same time, it adds multi-core technology, and expands the GPU product series of imagine with an amazing 33 new configurations. With B-series products, we believe imagination can provide the best GPU for everyone, regardless of their needs. “

The imgb family is now available for licensing, and each product family has been licensed by the manufacturer first.

Advanced multi core architecture

The new multi-core architecture has been optimized for each product family of BXT and BXm kernels, and the multi-core extension of GPU kernel is realized by using the expansion characteristics of multiple main cores. Multi core architecture combines the capabilities of all kernels, which can provide maximum performance for a single application, or support different kernels to run independent applications as needed.

Bxe kernel provides the expansion mode of main core and secondary core, which is an area optimization solution. It provides high performance through a single GPU core, and can use our hyperlane technology for multi task processing.

Bxs automobile GPU kernel also takes advantage of the extensibility of multiple main cores to support performance expansion, as well as security checks across multiple cores to ensure correct operation.

The best image compression technology

The imgb series also uses imgic technology, the most advanced image compression technology on the market, providing our customers with new bandwidth saving options. It offers up to four levels of compression: from pixel complete lossless mode to bandwidth saving mode that ensures 4:1 or better compression ratio. This gives SOC designers more flexibility to optimize performance or reduce system costs while maintaining an excellent user experience. Imgic technology can be compatible with all the cores in the B series, which enables even the smallest kernel to have the industry-leading image compression technology advantages of imaging.

Imgb series kernel

Imgb series GPU has four product lines, which can provide professional kernel for specific market demand:

·Imgbxe: Gorgeous HD display – with a series of GPU cores designed specifically for user interface (UI) rendering and entry-level games, the Bxe series can handle from 1 pixel to up to 16 pixels per clock cycle, supporting resolutions from 720p to 8K. Compared with the previous generation of cores, Bxe achieves an area reduction of up to 25%, and its filling density is 2.5 times higher than that of competitive products.

·Imgbxm: Incredible graphics experience – a series of high-performance cores that balance fill and compute power on a compact silicon area to support mid tier mobile games and complex UI solutions for digital TV and other markets.

·Imgbxt: unprecedented performance – delivering incredible performance for real-world applications from handheld devices to data centers. The flagship B-series GPU is a four core unit that can provide 6tflops performance, can process 192 gigapixel (1 billion pixels) per second, has 24 tops (trillions of calculations per second) of artificial intelligence (AI) computing power, while providing the highest performance density in the industry.

·Imgbxs: the future oriented automobile GPU — bxs series is GPU conforming to iso26262 standard, which makes it become the most advanced automobile gpuip kernel developed so far. Bxs provides a complete product series, from entry-level to advanced products, which can provide solutions for the next generation of human-machine interface (HMI), UI display, infotainment system, digital cockpit, surround view, and then to the configuration with high computing power, it can support automatic driving and ADAS.

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