Intel recently announced the third phase of the Intel AI top 100 innovation incentive plan. After layers of screening and strict control, 16 excellent innovation teams stand out from more than 300 teams, covering finance, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, transportation, construction, agriculture and other fields. With the participation of many partners, Intel’s AI top 100 innovation incentive plan will continue to pool Ecological, technical and industrial forces, rely on Intel’s cloud to end technical advantages and full stack platform, further expand Intel’s artificial intelligence innovation ecology, go deep into various industries and scenarios, deeply promote the technological development and breakthrough of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the implementation of intelligent applications, Finally, it will contribute to the transformation of industrial intelligence.

Li Desheng, managing director of Intel’s China strategic cooperation and innovation business department, said: “Intel is not only a technology company with innovative genes, but also a company that continues to promote the development of industrial ecology. Relying on Intel’s leading cloud side software and hardware products and technologies, Intel AI top 100 innovation incentive program combines the innovation ability of many partners to provide comprehensive acceleration services for artificial intelligence ecology and Industrial Development and empower excellent innovation teams So as to accelerate the application and landing of artificial intelligence in different industries and different scenarios. “

·Three rookies to draw the intelligent future

The 16 innovation teams in the new phase are selected from more than 300 high-quality candidate teams and supported by Intel across departments, with their own characteristics in technology and application fields.

(1) Higher performance potential to explore cutting-edge applications

For technology companies, performance improvement is very important. Only by improving performance can we promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance product competitiveness and have the opportunity to make a breakthrough in practical application. This is also a key point for the development of innovative companies that need technical support. Combined with the characteristics of each innovation team, Intel provides diversified software and hardware product portfolio and computing integration platforms, such as core, Xeon, FPGA, movidius Vpu, openvino toolkit, etc., to meet different workload requirements from cloud to edge to equipment, and help innovation companies improve and break through in performance. Therefore, Intel can empower each team to explore cutting-edge technology fields, Cover richer and wider application scenarios, such as:

Cutting edge technology:

√ as AI is more and more widely used, data security becomes more and more important. Shanghai Fushu Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of leading technologies such as federal learning, multi-party secure computing and trusted data services. In terms of data security and management, it realizes “data does not go out, available and invisible”, and creates a safe data circulation ecology.

√ image recognition is one of the important application fields of AI. Shanghai hehe Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of optical character recognition, handwriting recognition, image processing and automatic image enhancement technology. It is a leading scene character recognition and image processing technology service provider in the world.

Richer application fields:

√ robot is the master of the application of turning technologies such as AI, which has been widely used in all walks of life. Dajie Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply engaged in the core technology of control system, intelligent algorithm and human-computer interaction of construction robot to meet the needs of mass customization and flexible production in the construction industry. It is a new exploration and attempt of robot landing in the construction field.

√ this year’s epidemic situation has made us pay more attention to the important role of AI and other technologies in the field of anti epidemic and medical health. Ningbo Jiangfeng biological information technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development and production of digital pathological information system, using digital pathological information aided diagnosis system to replace the current traditional working mode and promote the development of intelligent medical treatment.

(2) Support new infrastructure and promote the digital upgrading of traditional industries

The intelligent “new infrastructure” will give birth to broader and deeper intelligent changes, and the breakthrough and integration of turning technologies such as “AIX 5gx intelligent edge” will accelerate and become a new infrastructure of the intelligent world. Intel provides a comprehensive data centric product portfolio for the innovation team, accelerates the implementation of intelligent applications, supports new infrastructure and promotes the upgrading of traditional industries with the advantages of software and hardware collaborative innovation, such as:

Support new infrastructure:

Image recognition is one of the important application fields of AI

√ intelligent technology is reshaping intelligent transportation and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry. Beijing Zhuoshi Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. provides computer vision and big data technology applications and solutions, focusing on the application of AI video image recognition and big data technology in traffic and safety related scene industries to help the development of intelligent transportation.

√ intelligent and Internet power exchange services are undoubtedly an innovation in the field of intelligent energy. Zhejiang Baoda Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of intelligent industrial robots and robot vision. It has launched the application of new energy intelligent power exchange station to help build intelligent energy infrastructure.

Promote the upgrading of traditional industries:

√ intelligent agriculture is the next development opportunity through the integration of technology and agriculture, which will achieve more sustainable and resource efficient agricultural production. Beijing kebaihongye Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development and production of intelligent, high-performance and low-cost agricultural special Internet of things system and agricultural big data processing application technology, which reduces the risk of agricultural production and management cost.

√ precision breeding technology has the potential to fundamentally improve the production efficiency of animal husbandry and make the traditional animal husbandry production more efficient and profitable. Beijing Xiaolong sneaking Technology Co., Ltd. realizes real-time and accurate intelligent collection, analysis and decision-making of production data of large groups in the breeding front line through AI technology, so as to realize intelligent breeding.

√ technological innovation is helping more traditional manufacturing plants realize digital upgrading and promote the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. Beijing Huakong Zhijia Technology Co., Ltd. monitors the health and safety of industrial equipment through voiceprint recognition to create a more intelligent industry.

·Open ecology, innovation and wider application

Intel AI top 100 innovation incentive plan is an important part and action practice of Intel’s artificial intelligence innovation ecology. The plan was established in 2018 with the theme of “encouraging top 100 innovation and accelerating 100 billion industries”, and the goal is to accelerate 100 excellent AI innovation teams in three years. So far, 45 AI innovation companies have joined. In terms of application, the selected enterprises cover more than 20 artificial intelligence application fields, including smart city, smart factory, smart medical treatment, smart retail, smart education and smart finance; In terms of technology, it includes deep learning algorithm, natural language processing, 3D vision, IOT sensing and so on.

AI Baijia innovation incentive plan continuously provides innovation teams with all-round acceleration and cooperation, including POC test equipment or prototype, technical guidance and training, market promotion, ecological resources and industry customer docking. Through the accelerated growth of the first two phases, many innovation teams have made breakthroughs in many aspects.

With the in-depth support of Intel’s cross departmental and hardware and software collaboration, the product reasoning performance of the innovation team in the previous two phases increased by an average of more than 6 times, greatly improving the competitiveness of the enterprise’s overall solution. For example:

√ pioneer intelligence, a leading AI education enterprise, based on Intel products and technology, has greatly improved the recognition operation efficiency, so that the speech recognition performance of pioneer intelligence has been improved by 40 times without damage to the recognition accuracy, which has greatly accelerated the landing of AI education scene and promoted the development of intelligent education.

√ as a global solution provider for smart port, Xijing technology has built a cloud integrated AI acceleration hardware platform Orwell based on Intel FPGA A10 and its own AI chip. With the same accuracy, the power consumption is reduced to about one tenth, effectively meeting the requirements of wide temperature and low power consumption in industrial scenes.

Meanwhile, with Intel’s extensive and open ecological advantages, more than 50 AI projects have been actually implemented and applied, such as:

√ touch unlimited has built an intelligent terminal platform (smart light pole) based on low-power myriad 2 and openvino. With the ecological advantages of Intel, touch unlimited’s smart light pole solution has also been implemented in Nanjing “future science and Technology Intelligence Center” and plans to be promoted to the whole country. At the same time, as a provider of Intel’s anti epidemic solutions, touch unlimited has extended its full scene AI + body temperature early warning solutions to many campuses, communities and hospitals at home and abroad.

√ cloud vision builds an edge computing platform based on intel core processor, movidius acceleration chip and openvino framework. As an Intel AI box solution provider, cloud vision defines AI solutions with edge computing and scenarios, landing in smart cities, smart agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries.

√ kevos commercial robot enables deep learning task based on Intel myriad x chip to realize object detection and other functions; Through openvino optimization acceleration, real-time reasoning can be realized with a small amount of CPU occupation. The kovos business service robot based on this solution is widely used in financial, retail and epidemic fighting scenes.

The innovative measures and practical contributions of Intel AI top 100 innovation incentive plan to the industrial ecology have also been recognized by the domestic leading cutting-edge science and technology media “machine heart”, and won the “machine heart 2020 artificial intelligence gold refining Award – a supporting mechanism for AI companies to provide effective services”. The award is evaluated from three dimensions: the specific service contents and functions provided by service institutions, preferential measures for artificial intelligence, and the actual effect on artificial intelligence companies, which fully affirms the ecological value of Intel’s “water conservancy without competition”.

Artificial intelligence application scenarios are diverse and complex. Promoting the breakthrough and landing of artificial intelligence applications requires not only complete solutions, but also ecological forces. Intel can provide a comprehensive product portfolio from computing to network to storage, and promote the development of AI through software and hardware collaborative innovation to meet the diversified needs of customers. At the same time, Intel is driving its own innovation and promoting joint innovation of industrial ecology through ecological empowerment projects such as Intel AI top 100 innovation incentive plan.

With its own transformation, Intel is accelerating the pace of data centric innovation in the intelligent interconnected world, building a future oriented industrial ecology, and promoting the application breakthrough and implementation of turning technologies such as artificial intelligence. Intel will continue to give full play to the role of connection, empowerment and integration in ecological construction, focus on the integration and innovation of “AIX 5gx intelligent edge”, create technologies that change the world and benefit everyone on earth.

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