Inner hole: the inner section of mechanical parts is called inner hole. For the detection of inner hole, two detection methods are mainly introduced, one is photoelectric measurement method, the other is image measurement method.

Photoelectric measurement method

The inner hole measuring instrument adopts the measuring principle of inner hole and slit. When measuring, the built-in single chip microcomputer system controls the stepper motor to move the loading platform slowly, and the photoelectric probe measures the inner hole diameter of the object on the platform at high frequency. The maximum measurement value in the measurement period is the diameter of the inner hole. In the measurement process, the touch screen displays the measured value in real time, and the measured inner diameter is displayed after the measurement. The tolerance range can be set by the equipment. When the measured value is out of tolerance, it will give an automatic sound and light alarm.

Image measurement method is based on the use of high brightness LED and CCD imaging method to detect

The principle is based on the use of high brightness LED and CCD imaging method to detect. The bright LED beam is used as the light source. When the pinhole appears in the measured object, the beam penetrates the hole and images on the CCD chip. Through the photoelectric conversion of CCD chip and the digital processing of corresponding circuit system, the hole diameter can be calculated.

The equipment is suitable for the measurement of wire drawing mold, cable mold and other small parts which need to strictly control the inner diameter.

Image measurement

Industrial camera and telecentric parallel light source are used to measure the inner hole of small parts. The telecentric lens is installed on the industrial camera. The combination of telecentric lens and telecentric light source can eliminate the influence of different object distance on the image size and achieve the effect of high-precision measurement. The industrial camera can be adjusted up and down. When the thickness difference of the measured workpiece is large, the height of the camera can be adjusted to make the image boundary clear. The equipment adopts one click measurement method. After the measured part is placed on the measurement platform, click “measurement” to get the measurement data. The embedded industrial control computer is built in the equipment, and the measurement operation is carried out on the measurement software. The tolerance range can be set by the measurement software. When the measured value is out of tolerance, it will give an alarm automatically.

The device can measure the characteristic dimensions of round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole and other hole types, and is suitable for small processing parts such as wire drawing die, cable die, etc., which need to accurately measure the inner hole.

The inner hole measuring instrument can accurately measure small holes. The product has stable performance, measurement preparation and simple operation.

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