The Chinese New Year has just passed, and the Winter Olympics has continued. Wandering in the fierce competition, it will be the Lantern Festival in a week. How can these beautiful festivals and celebrations lack the embellishment of fireworks? Counting the history of fireworks and firecrackers, we have experienced the baptism of two thousand years. Behind the ultimate splendor contains our beautiful blessings and wishes: no darkness, no danger, and peace.

There are also many traces of fireworks in the ancient poems, such as “the east wind puts flowers and thousands of trees at night. It blows even more, the stars are like rain”, “the fire trees and silver flowers close together, and the iron locks of the stars bridge open”, “the ceiling blooms in countless months, and the colorful clouds surround the Jiangtai. “…

The vast starry sky and fireworks always bring people a wonderful fantasy. Every festival and event, firecrackers and fireworks are always set off. Counting the most beautiful fireworks in the past year, the most impressive one is the fireworks show of the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Of course, the most romantic nucleic acid test at Shanghai Disneyland is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The nucleic acid test under fireworks will also become the most unforgettable experience for many people. Under the dazzling fireworks feast, it conveys confidence and strength to people: orderly and strict epidemic prevention and a better life can be achieved. The special fireworks “Welcome Pine” at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the pine needles with clear needles covered the sky above the bird’s nest, conveying the prosperity and joy of this moment.

The momentary beauty and lingering memory of fireworks are the reasons why we like them. Another important reason is that fireworks are now taboo and luxury goods in many cities under the restrictions of fire prevention and environmental protection. Because of policy restrictions, most cities will only set off fireworks during major celebrations. Watching a gorgeous fireworks show has become the expectation of many people. However, fireworks have also undergone some new changes in the policy constraints over the years.

The millisecond precision behind the beauty

Despite the thousand-year-old custom of fireworks and firecrackers, in the face of frequent safety accidents, bans and restrictions, and environmental pollution, this traditional folk custom has gradually moved away from the common people. But at some important celebrations, we can still catch a glimpse of it.

In June last year, in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in the sky above the “Bird’s Nest”, the splendid fireworks raised the “100” chronological symbol. The 288-second fireworks show was solemn and majestic. 100,000 fireworks were fired accurately. dud. Behind this, not only the day and night experiments and polishing of the firework masters who are fighting on the front line, but also the power of technology is helping. Precise time and measurement are inseparable from the simulation and experimentation of computer software, and the person in charge of this work is also called a firework programmer.

A wonderful fireworks show, the blooming time and sequence of each bunch of fireworks need to be subdivided and dismantled behind, especially in hundreds of thousands of fireworks ceremonies, manpower cannot be as accurate as machines, and it is necessary to rely on numbers. Technology to empower the celebration. The place where a fireworks show begins is in a virtual digital world.

The technicians will conduct 3D modeling of the discharge site. In this model, what kind of fireworks to choose, what music nodes are imported, and finally the blooming time will be arranged according to different music nodes. The arrangement and production are based on the time node of music playback. The order and position of the fireworks will be subdivided, and the number, duration, installation and deployment methods, etc. will be subdivided according to the final modeling effect. Producing and customizing fireworks, and conducting test firings.

After the successful test firing, in the fireworks show, these launch tubes and fireworks will be assembled according to the design and modeling positions near the venue, and the computer will also be based on the previously designed firing list parameters. The fireworks will ignite the fuses in turn, giving everyone the most colorful performance.

It is reported that during the 100th anniversary of the party, 100,000 fireworks were set off at the scene, each of which has an independent code, and the accuracy of fireworks launch is calculated in milliseconds.

The figure of technology not only appears when it blooms, but also can feel the breath of technology in the production process of fireworks. With the evolution of intelligent technology, automated production has become a standard configuration for fireworks companies. If we enter the production line, we will see this scene: the fireworks empty inner cylinder is placed on the tooling plate from one end of the production line, sealed, loaded with gunpowder, and assembled. automation.

In terms of production supervision, relying on high-definition cameras, all production links are photographed by cameras all over the workshop. On the large screen of the safety supervision center, all the pictures of the production line will be captured, and the safety supervisor can supervise the whole process of production in the office. . Fireworks production is a high-risk type of work. The more people there are, the greater the uncontrollable factors it brings. The original production line of 100 people has been transformed with automated equipment, and a dozen people can complete the production. Safety and efficiency have been greatly improved.

For fireworks, the safety of production and product quality are the most critical, and for the upgrade of environmental protection, fireworks have never fallen behind.

Traces of the disappearance of environmentally friendly fireworks

In recent years, fireworks shows have become more and more exciting, and their environmental performance has also continued to improve.

Environmentally friendly fireworks mainly use low-sulfur and no-sulfur environmentally friendly materials to reduce smoke. In the past, the common method of the base was to fill it with soil, but now it is poured with new materials as a whole, so that a lot of dust will not be generated after the fireworks are set off. And black powder is also replaced with smokeless powder. Compared with traditional fireworks, the amount of smoke produced by environmentally friendly fireworks can be reduced by about 70% to 80%.

Some governments have also organized environmental protection tests. The Liuyang Municipal Government has cooperated with relevant departments to test the impact of environmental protection fireworks on PM2.5. According to the on-site discharge results, the PM2.5 concentration in the air before the fireworks was set off was 33 micrograms per cubic meter, and after 45 minutes, the PM2.5 in the air at the three test points returned to the level before the discharge.

Of course, in addition to reducing air pollution, the current new fireworks are also paperless, and will not produce any paper waste after being set off, with low pollution and low noise. This technique was used in a fireworks display celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. The key to paperless is the change of materials. By replacing the previous paper with new materials, it burns in the air at the same time as fireworks.

In order to better ensure that no sparks and residues are dropped during the launch process, in the process, the technicians adopted a method of changing the structure of the “inner ring” and the “outer ring”. In the end, the “paperless” launch of fireworks products was realized, and a piece of fireworks was clean and free of any rubbish after it was set off.

Although environmentally friendly fireworks do not mean zero pollution, as long as there is a combustion process, it will affect the air. But these upgrades to fireworks environmental protection and technology have brought us richer scenes and experiences. Although fireworks are still banned in most cities, in terms of safety and environmental protection, these advances will also be the key to unlocking the “ban” in the future.

The ‘smokeless’ fireworks of the future

In the context of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” constraints, it will take a long wait to realize the freedom of fireworks. But there are also some new types of fireworks that are starting to rise.

Electronic fireworks have become popular in small videos. These electronic fireworks use air to squeeze colored gold bars and use LED reflected light to achieve a firework effect. Electronic fireworks are environmentally friendly fireworks, do not produce toxic and harmful gases, and do not pollute the environment, so they are widely used in some store celebrations and wedding activities.

Hand-held fireworks and ground sprays for personal display have also appeared in some cities. These new products focus on safety and environmental friendliness and become the choice of consumers.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned music fireworks, three-dimensional dynamic special effects fireworks and other new types of fireworks, drones also participated in the celebration.

Drone light shows are also gradually becoming a new form of replacing fireworks. Hundreds or even thousands of small drones are equipped with lights and can perform in the air according to pre-designed programs.

From numbers, symbols, logos to any shape, drones can be piloted. At the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018, more than a thousand light drones were used to display shapes such as snowboards, pigeons and the Olympic rings. For drone performances, as long as there is a software programming design, any form of performance can be completed. The only drawback is that due to the battery life of the drone, the standby time and weather conditions will be limited.

For some people who like liveliness, if the weather conditions do not allow it, they can also choose to experience the fun of “watching the lights and watching the flames” in some indoor digital creative halls.

Some emerging digital creative halls, through ground screens, projection walls, mirrors and other facilities, play digital fireworks through projection, and can even achieve gesture interaction, etc. The entire indoor environment is digitized to create an immersive fireworks space. A rather novel experience. In the future, this kind of digital venue will also become a place for family gatherings, where you can experience the various fireworks charms of digital technology with your family.

Whether it is physical fireworks, digital fireworks, or even substitutes for fireworks, the situation of “no firecrackers, no New Year’s Eve” is enriched by more and more choices and forms.

Looking back at the classic fireworks feast, from the 2008 Olympic Games, 29 large footprints of fireworks entered the Olympic Sports Center along the central axis of Beijing; then to the 2014 Beijing APEC Night, fireworks in the shape of narcissus, Clivia, Begonia, chrysanthemum and other four-season flowers Light up the night sky. In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the National Celebration Ceremony, the blue fireworks among the dynamic evergreen trees and fireworks – the peacock opening screen, the world’s first 300-meter high-altitude double-layer “70” symbol, the 100th anniversary party fireworks ceremony in 2021, Disney’s Nucleic acid detection romantic fireworks, welcome pine fireworks for the Winter Olympics, etc. The fireworks have been upgraded layer by layer, and we can appreciate the changes in these technologies in a visual feast.

The road to upgrade of fireworks has gone through the baptism of years, confirming eternity in a moment, reflecting the evolution of wisdom and technology over the years.

The black curtain in the night will continue to be depicted by the rich colors of fireworks, blooming year after year, constantly interpreting joy, blessing wishes, and continuing the brilliance of mankind.

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