After buying a car, there are always various factors that lead to the situation that the car will not be driven for a long time after being bought. For electric vehicles, if they are not driven for a long time, will the battery be damaged?

If you don't drive the electric vehicle for a long time, will the battery be damaged

According to the battery of the electric vehicle, the special properties of the battery, when the battery is not used for a long time, especially the fully charged lithium battery, it will not be used for a period of time, but it will be found that there is no electricity when you use it again. The same is true for the battery of the electric vehicle. When the battery is discharged for a long time, there is no electricity supplement. If the battery power is too low, it will continue The self discharge may cause over discharge and damage to the battery. It will reduce the capacity of the lithium battery module in the storage process.

However, under the current battery technology, the amount of self discharge of the battery is still relatively small. According to the internal electrode structure of the battery, the flow of electrolyte and the working conditions, the storage in the non use state almost does not produce chemical reaction inside, which is quite stable. The self discharge rate of lithium battery is only about 4% ~ 15%.

If you don't drive the electric vehicle for a long time, will the battery be damaged

However, if it is placed in a certain environment for a period of time, it will lose part of its capacity. Although the discharge is small, it will still have an impact after a long time. For electric vehicles, in the case of long-term non driving, it is necessary to supplement the electric energy of the vehicle appropriately to keep the electrode molecules inside the battery in an active state.

In a word, when the electric vehicle is stopped for a long time, the maintenance of the battery of the vehicle can not be ignored, but there are so many things to be said. Once the vehicle is stopped, the vehicle should be charged regularly. The power does not need to be fully charged deliberately. It is enough to charge more than 50%. Maintain the battery’s activity and avoid battery damage.


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