5g has leapt into public life. Wen Ku, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the information and communication development department, said that at present, the average number of 5g base stations newly opened in China every week exceeded 15000, and by the end of June, the three major operators had opened more than 400000 5g base stations nationwide. In addition, Wenku also said that 197 5g terminals in China have obtained the network access license. 5g mobile phone shipments this year are also very good, reaching 86.23 million in the first half of the year. By the end of June, more than 66 million 5g terminals had been connected and used in China. However, the operation data of June just released by the three major operators show that the number of 5g package users has exceeded 100 million as of June this year. It is not difficult to see that the difference between the two is more than 30 million, which is very noteworthy and has triggered a lot of in-depth analysis.

If 5g wants sustainable development, it must find its own "killer application"

Indeed, China’s 5g development is faster than expected, showing the strong driving force of China’s new infrastructure. Previously, China has built the world’s largest optical fiber and 4G networks. The penetration rate of optical fiber broadband users and the number of 4G users rank first in the world, and the network download rate has increased to the world’s medium and upper level. 5g market has a natural market foundation and strong demand potential, but from the reality of current user expansion, the market expansion of the three operators is commendable. With regard to the gap in package data, the Ministry of industry and information technology responded that some operating enterprises have assessment indicators and good promotion measures. Whether they can order more 5g packages may have such assessment pressure. Some netizens pointed out that they had no intention of opening the 5g preferential flow package and wanted to return it. They called 10086 and said it was a contract package. They didn’t return it. They clicked on the description of opening the 5g preferential package and didn’t write a contract package, so they were suspected of compulsory consumption.

It is understood that the cost performance of 5g entry-level packages of the three major operators is generally higher than that of 4G packages with similar prices. Taking Beijing Unicom as an example, there is no discount for the 99 yuan package of 4G, including 20g traffic and 300 minutes of call time. The 5g package of 129 yuan is only 90.3 yuan after a 20% discount, including 30g traffic and 500 minutes of voice.

Beijing Mobile’s corresponding preferential efforts are also increasing. “Our entry-level 128 yuan 5g package is now 90 yuan after the discount, including 30g traffic and 200 minutes of call duration.” the customer service staff of Beijing Mobile said, “the 89 yuan package of 4G has no discount, only including 6G traffic and 230 minutes of call duration. It is more cost-effective for citizens to do 5g package.”

Therefore, the Ministry of industry and information technology especially emphasizes that there are a series of rules and regulations to protect the rights and interests of users, such as the telecommunications service specification, the notice on issues related to regulating telecommunications service agreements, and the notice on Further Strengthening the consumption reminder of telecommunications service users, which require Telecommunications enterprises to remind users when they open any additional business. If users do not agree, You can’t open it casually. It’s not only 5g package, but also other businesses.

The attraction of 5g is indeed heating up rapidly and has been widely recognized by the market. On this basis, operators must stimulate market demand through real service and business innovation, which is also a task that operators must complete at the beginning of 5g business. At present, the price of 5g mobile phone has dropped to 1500 yuan. With the launch of affordable 5g chips, it is expected that the price of 5g mobile phones will go down from 1000 yuan to 1200 yuan in the second half of the year. This means that the terminal price constraint will be reduced rapidly. For operators, this is a key node to test service and business innovation, and will inevitably determine the real position of the three operators in the market competition pattern in the 5g era.

Now, for the purpose of seizing the future science and technology highland, governments have invested heavily to support 5g technology development and layout in advance. 5g must find its own “killer application” if it wants to develop sustainably. Only in this way can 5g enter the self-regulation stage of the market and realize a virtuous cycle of covering costs with revenue. In the 5g era, it is difficult to drive the development of the whole industry by relying solely on operators. Data show that as of June, 81 operators around the world had deployed 5g commercial networks, covering countries and regions accounting for about 72% of global GDP, including some major economies in Europe and the Asia Pacific. The next stage of 5g is to develop industrial applications and release 5g dividends.

5g is the cornerstone of urban digitization. In xiong’an, China, the three major operators have built more than 7400 5g base stations, which are closely combined with urban planning, and launched applications such as 5g based Heaven Earth integrated ecological monitoring system, 5g slice banking business, and even driverless express cars, buses and taxis. In the future, it is expected to realize automatic driving and vehicle road coordination in the inner two lanes of the expressway from Beijing to xiong’an with a total length of nearly 100 kilometers.

Therefore, the transformation and development of telecom operators will have a broad market space. For this, operators should try their best to win user recognition at the beginning of 5g popularization and treat customers sincerely, so as to fully release the dividends of 5g network.

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