IBM announces 2021 annual report, IBM's revenue in 2021 will reach $57.4 billion

Arvind Krishna, chairman and CEO of IBM, said: "IBM's strategy today is very clear, that is to be a leader in the era of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

IBM's revenue in 2021 will reach $57.4 billion; IBM's revenue in 2021 will accelerate, with hybrid cloud revenue increasing by 19% in 2021, and IBM's software revenue increasing by 4%. IBM returned $6 billion to shareholders in 2021 in dividends. At the same time, IBM also completed 15 strategic acquisitions aimed at strengthening and expanding its hybrid cloud and AI portfolio.

Microsoft unveils Azure digital twin solution

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the launch of the Microsoft Azure IoT product line for the Chinese market, including Azure IoT Hub, Azure Digital Twins (Azure Digital Twins), and a digital twin full-chain smart solution for big data services.

The Azure IoT digital twin full-chain intelligent solution is a set of PaaS layer services, that is, cloud services for enterprise developers. By building a real-time relationship graph between the digital twins of the physical world, that is, a real-time dynamic knowledge graph across all elements of an organization, and combining data and artificial intelligence analysis technology, an intelligent IoT economic model can be established.

With the release of the Azure IoT digital twin full-chain intelligent solution, Chinese enterprises can more fully utilize the Microsoft IoT technology system to build intelligent IoT applications on a large scale.

Dr. Hou Yang, Senior Vice President of Microsoft and Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, said: "China is entering a period of rapid development of the digital economy, and the Internet of Things is an important infrastructure for the digital economy. The solution can combine data and artificial intelligence analysis technology, which is the key to large-scale activation of intelligent IoT applications and the core technology for realizing Industry 4.0. We are very happy to introduce this solution to the Chinese market to solve the problems and challenges of end users and innovate business value."

ST is listed on the "2022 Global Top 100 Innovative Companies" list

ST was listed in the Clarivate™ annual list of the world's most innovative companies, and was included in the Top 100 Global Innovator™ 2022.

Alessandro Cremonesi, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, STMicroelectronics, said: "As a four-time top 100 global innovator, STMicroelectronics is an integrated semiconductor manufacturer committed to a diverse global technology ecosystem. To carry out cooperative innovation in China, to provide impetus for the development of enterprises. We focus on technological innovation to make travel smarter, to help car manufacturers make driving safer, more environmentally friendly and more convenient; to provide more efficient power and energy for all industries Management solutions that promote the use of renewable energy; support IoT and 5G network deployments and promote the adoption of smart IoT devices. In smart power technologies, wide bandgap semiconductors, edge AI solutions, MEMS sensors and actuators, optics Sensors, as well as digital and mixed-signal technology, ST is recognized as a pioneer in semiconductor technology innovation."

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