Shanghai, China – December 2021 – IAR systems, the world’s leading provider of embedded development software tools and services ® Recently announced that its newly released IAR embedded workbench for arm ® Version 9.20 has fully supported Hangshun chip hk32mcu series to ensure the reliability of embedded system based on hk32mcu chip.

IAR systems provides a complete tool chain for arm ecology. Its products include integrated development environment (IDE), cross platform construction tools, code analysis tools, functional security tools and information security tools. Based on the long-term and extensive cooperative relationship between IAR systems and arm ecology, IAR embedded workbench has supported more than 7000 arm based chip products from many semiconductor manufacturers, including Chinese manufacturers.

Kiyofumi Uemura, general manager of IAR Systems Asia Pacific, said: “We are very glad to cooperate with Hang Shun chip and use our latest technologies and products to support its innovation. As a leading innovation company headquartered in Europe, the continuous innovation ability of Hang Shun chip is highly consistent with our expectations for the Chinese market. Our new version of IAR embedded workbench for arm realizes the innovation of Hang Shun chip hk32mcu series Comprehensive support also reflects our long-term commitment to Chinese customers. IAR systems will continue to work with global ecosystem partners to help their joint customers fully unlock and utilize the full potential of these MCUs. “

IAR embedded workbench for arm tool provides a highly optimized compiler for MCU on ARM platform to help users generate extremely fast object code with small volume, release the performance of MCU to the greatest extent, reduce power consumption, and optimize the utilization of flash and ram to the greatest extent. In addition, IAR systems also provides a complete tool chain for MCU developers based on risc-v. Hang Shun chip hk32mcu adopts arm cortex ®- M0 / m3 / M4 core provides the market with general and special 32-bit MCU products with high performance, low power consumption and high cost performance. The product applications have covered various fields such as automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial and consumer electronics, smart city and smart home.

Liu Jiping, chairman of Hangshun chip, said: “I’m glad to have a comprehensive and long-term cooperation with IAR systems. As the world’s leading supplier of embedded development software tools and services, the company’s tool chain can meet the industry’s demand for high-performance and high reliability development tools. Following the cooperation agreement signed in April, IAR systems has provided the latest products such as IAR embedded workbench for arm version 9.20 to fully develop The support of Hangshun chip hk32mcu series indicates that our two sides are jointly building a new innovation ecosystem around embedded products, which will enable end users to obtain huge gains. “

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