The HZ540 is an active near-field probe kit designed to provide diagnostic assistance when addressing radiation problems. These kits consist of three or five different hand-held probes, respectively. They have different sensitivities and reception characteristics and can be used with various spectrum analyzers, EMI receivers or oscilloscopes.

These probes facilitate quick identification of signal sources. It can be used to diagnose radiation from circuit boards, integrated circuits, PC board edges, ground plane currents, ribbon cables, corner seams, and similar sources of interference.

The kit includes a magnetic field probe and a probe for measuring electric field signals. These probes cover the frequency range from 30MHz to 3GHz, providing near-field correlated readings. The probe can be powered directly from the HAMEG spectrum analyzer, or from any 6VDC power source.

The H-field probe provides a signal proportional to the strength of the magnetic field, so that the location of the source of interference can be determined with high accuracy. The E-field probe is the most sensitive of these probes and can be used to evaluate the overall shielding effectiveness on the circuit under test. High impedance probes can be used to measure signals at contacts without degrading signal performance due to probe capacity.

Typical frequency response of electric field probes Typical frequency response of magnetic field probes Typical frequency response of high impedance probes

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