Key words: medium and low end chip

Alternative: why should even Qualcomm seize the medium and low-end chip market?

For a long time, people who do not know much about the chip industry have always linked medium and low-end chips with “not high technology” and “low technology content”, but the fact is far from being as simple as the linear thinking of some outsiders.

First, we need to understand what the chip depends on to determine the high and low end?

The answer, of course, is technology.

If you classify technologies, the first one is replicable technology. In this technology, you can realize it as long as you have money and conditions. You can explore different fields, and finally come out with different application technologies.

In essence, this is to integrate new applications with old technologies, and the key lies in requirements.

For example, the most important function of a hot kettle is to boil water. Other effects such as Bluetooth control, whether to bring lighting, music playback and so on are additional functions. The main key factor for consumers to buy a hot kettle is to boil water, which determines that hot kettle manufacturers give priority to low-end chips (in fact, they pursue a single function chip with low power consumption and high safety).

The second is non reproducible technology, which is the core technology. At present, the core technology of chip is the process and material.

It’s almost like cooking. I can tell you the ingredients of this dish, but your dish is not as delicious as mine. That’s the core difference. This is not something that can be solved with money. Core technology requires a lot of time and material resources. In this regard, China’s chip industry is facing the dual pressure of material constraints and manufacturing process patents. Under the influence of market profit, few IC enterprises like Huichun technology can invest a lot of human and material resources in innovation and R & D every year.

Second, are medium and low-end chips equivalent to “low scientific and technological content and no prospect”?

With the wave of intelligence sweeping China, China’s consumer electronics market has attracted global attention. Even Qualcomm, which has always focused on high-end chips, takes this opportunity to enter China’s low-end chip market. You can know how coveted the cake in this market is.

At the same time, after China’s economic development, there has been a huge demand, promoting the blowout of various money burning application technologies, and tirelessly improving various details under the strong promotion of the market and policies. It is no exaggeration to say that China’s application technology has been on an equal footing with the whole foreign countries, which is also the biggest advantage of China’s chip industry.

Under the huge market demand, China’s medium and low-end chips have mature technology and more competitive prices. Most importantly, localized enterprises can be closer to the needs of domestic manufacturers and bring win-win results to industrial development, such as ys series products of Huichun technology, puretouch low-power capacitor touch technology with Huichun patent, built-in special circuits and software algorithms, The chip has the characteristics of high sensitivity, low power consumption, good stability and strong anti-interference ability, which is favored by manufacturers at home and abroad.

Finally, as long as we make unremitting efforts, Chinese chips will overtake one day.

The vast majority of scientific and technological progress depends on people’s naval warfare, continuous trial and error, and then find the correct technical research path. Chinese chip enterprises stand at the node of social needs and have a broad test field and stage. It is not necessary to overtake in the corner in the new field of AI chips.


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