Introduction: In a prosperous city and a fast pace of life, music has become a "necessity of life" for more and more contemporary people. As a hardware carrier for music playback, TWS headphones and smart speakers have also ushered in a market growth period in the past two years.

In the field of consumer electronics in the past two years, when it comes to products with a high replication rate and success rate, Huichun Technology is the first to launch music playback equipment, from fast iterative headphones to intelligently upgraded speakers. The strong market demand and manufacturer orders make Huichun Technology is constantly innovating, bringing more diversified and customized product chip solutions to the market.

Huichun Technology TWS Headphone Solution: Active Noise Cancellation, Wireless Sound

Huichun Technology TWS earphones use YS65F804 as the in-ear detection touch MCU, use the mobile phone to connect the main earphone, and then connect the main earphone to the secondary earphone quickly by wireless to realize the wireless separation of the left and right channels of Bluetooth.

In view of various inconveniences in public areas, Huichun Technology TWS earphones are based on the needs of end users, and the wireless use method directly gets rid of the constraints of traditional wired earphones, and there are no more embarrassing situations caused by tangled earphones. It is portable and easy to take. Ready to use.

At the same time, a new generation of algorithm upgrades, the YS65F804 chip configured by Huichun Technology TWS headset has the characteristics of high sensitivity, low latency, ultra-low power consumption, longer standby time, and more sensitive response speed, which can achieve high-fidelity sound quality. Intelligent noise reduction, no matter in the subway, high-speed rail or high altitude with unstable signal, intelligent noise reduction can effectively protect hearing, allowing users to enjoy stable and clear music space in a noisy environment.

Huichun Technology Smart Bluetooth Speaker Solution: Sound Follows Manual, Stereo Surround

If headphones are the "artifact" that users use to isolate themselves from the outside world in public spaces, then smart Bluetooth speakers must be the best music companions in the user's private space.

Huichun Technology's smart Bluetooth speaker is mainly based on gesture sensing chip YS4004A. In addition to efficient and stable output audio, the core highlight is gesture control.

According to the command input, Huichun Technology's smart Bluetooth speaker can accurately perform the functions of left and right switching of songs, suspension in the air, and infinite tuning. Users only need to wave their hands to control the music at will.

Different from TWS headphones, Huichun Technology's smart Bluetooth speakers have enhanced sound effects that allow sound to travel farther, built-in intelligent noise reduction technology, compatible with IOS/Android and other Bluetooth device access, and can play private song lists to your heart's content. With 3D surround sound, users can move their fingertips with the notes to enjoy a high-fidelity music feast and get unlimited immersion in a limited space.

In terms of appearance design, Huichun Technology can cooperate with manufacturers to customize, richer colors and more eye-catching shapes. At the same time, the built-in YS4004A gesture sensor chip can directly save the button part of the smart Bluetooth speaker, and the overall shape can be more compact and portable. And concise, more high-tech sense.

In addition, Huichun Technology has continued to cultivate in the field of consumer electronics, and has joined hands with the elite team in the IC industry to provide rich cooperation models for different types of manufacturers, customers and institutions, and carry out in-depth technical cooperation to achieve gesture-sensing human-computer interaction. The leading edge in terms of providing our customers with more cost-effective product solutions and enhancing the customer's brand value.

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