Huawei has released the smart speaker sound x, priced at 1999 yuan, which is really not cheap. However, the smart speaker released by Huawei this time is different from the past. It is a joint model launched by the cooperation of tivare, France, and belongs to the top in terms of sound quality. In addition, the speaker part of the sound x smart speaker is provided by tivare, and the CEO of God Valle personally gave the Huawei sound X platform. In Xiaobian’s opinion, this is essentially different from Leica certified mobile phones. One is just labeling and certification to provide color matching technical support, and the other is to directly provide hardware. You can buy tivale’s speakers for 1999 yuan. Netizens shouted that value for money!

Maybe many people don’t know much about Bluetooth speakers and haven’t heard of tivare brand, but it doesn’t matter. Xiaobian doesn’t know much about tivare, but we can search the products of this brand on the shopping platform. In the field of Bluetooth audio, tivare is a luxury brand. The price of a product is often tens of thousands of yuan. In contrast, Huawei sound X of 1999 yuan is indeed very cost-effective. It’s not too much to say that it’s worth more.

Huawei’s intelligent speaker sound x is jointly built by Huawei and tivare. It adopts cylindrical shape in appearance. Its design concept comes from the dome of Vienna Concert Hall. Yu Chengdong said that the cooperation between Huawei and tivare is the cooperation at the company level, just like the cooperation between Huawei and Leica. And Yu Chengdong is very confident in the sales volume of Huawei sound X in the Chinese market. He believes that its sales volume will certainly surpass Apple’s homepod, and the source of this confidence is strong hardware support and ultra-high cost performance.

According to the comments of users and the evaluation of authoritative media, Huawei sound x is indeed far superior to similar products in sound quality, and the price is indeed lower than Apple’s homepod. Sound x relies on a pair of 60 watt back-to-back subwoofers, which have four times the low-frequency energy of its competitors. Its sound quality is enough to compare with the divaret Bluetooth speaker of about 10000 yuan, and has the blessing of AI voice assistant, which is relatively more attractive and practical.

Perhaps the sound quality of Huawei’s intelligent speaker sound x is not the highest, and the AI voice assistant is not the most practical, but sound x must be an AI intelligent speaker with the best sound quality and the most cost-effective tivare Bluetooth speaker.


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