According to Taiwan Economic Daily, China’s semiconductor industry is speeding up its pace of increasing its self-control rate. Huawei has set up its own department to drive IC through the panel despite the new ban. According to market reports, the chip testing machine purchased by Huawei has been in place. It is expected to start mass production of driving IC in 2020, improve the self-sufficiency rate, and impact the existing supply chains such as Lianyong and Duntai.

Huawei's Hisilicon's first OLED driver IC has begun trial production

Lianyong and Duntai are both Huawei’s driver IC suppliers. Regarding Huawei’s acceleration of driving IC self-control rate, Lianyong has never commented on a single customer; Duntai said that there will always be competitors in the market and continue to maintain technological innovation and strength to meet the challenges of the external environment.

The industry points out that Hisilicon, the most advanced 5nm Kirin series mobile phone chips owned by Huawei, can be developed by itself, and the driving IC technology is far inferior to that of mobile phone chips, so it is not necessary to produce in TSMC, and the chips can be put into production by SMIC international.

It has been learned that Taiwan media said that Huawei began to carry out research and development of panel drive IC in 2019 and cooperated with BOE, and the first OLED drive IC of Hisilicon has started trial production.

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