SIASUN Wisdom makes travel more convenient

At the beginning of the new year in 2022, Shenyang citizens began to enjoy the convenience of taking the subway by brushing their faces. With the blessing of SIASUN robot technology, Shenyang Metro has officially entered the era of face-scanning payment!

In the upgraded Shenyang Metro, passengers only need to face the face recognition device at the gate for verification, and they can pass the gate without a mobile phone or a ticket card. As the general contractor for the renovation of AFC (Automatic Fare Collection System) of the subway line, SIASUN ensures that the project is connected to the Shenyang Metro Internet platform without changing the original equipment, realizes the face payment function of the original equipment, and truly realizes the "face code". Intercommunication". In Shenyang, you can take the subway if you have "mian'er"!

The face recognition platform system adopts a cloud architecture model, interconnected with the existing Internet platform of Shenyang Metro, and implements unified security management of the subway. SIASUN provides advanced technical support for the smart upgrade of Shenyang Metro. It is understood that the face recognition accuracy of "swipe your face to ride" can reach millisecond-level recognition speed, which can greatly ease the congestion in the queue during the rush hour.

Huawei defines new Moore's Law for the XR industry for the first time

At the "5G Connecting Virtual and Reality" conference during MWC22 Barcelona, ​​Song Xiaodi, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei's Carrier BG, delivered a keynote speech "5G+XR Unleashes Imagination, Holds Reality", giving a deep insight into the development of the industry and defining the new Moore's Law for the XR industry for the first time , calling on operators and partners to act now and seize the historical development opportunities of 5G+XR.

At the summit, Song Xiaodi first shared two typical cases of Huawei's VR annual meeting and AR-assisted delivery. He said that from the perspective of Huawei and third-party insights, XR will drive 1.5 trillion US dollars of GDP output value by 2030, which is equivalent to " Create another 5G".

What is more noteworthy is that the global XR pioneer operators have achieved commercial breakthroughs. Operators in South Korea, Thailand, and China took the lead in deploying VR/AR services, "selecting industries, defining models, and building capabilities", and achieved significant business returns in three steps. The operator stated that "if XR is launched three months later, it may take three years to catch up".

Leyard's "Dream Visual 3D Visualization Platform" won the award

Recently, China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced the list of winners of "2020-2021 Excellent Innovative Software Products", and Leyard was selected with the honor of "Dream Vision 3D Visualization Platform".

"Dream Vision" is a new generation of intelligent data visualization large-screen software created by Leyard. It focuses on data visualization large-screen applications, not only supports intelligent identification and data processing of imported data, but also provides powerful visualization large-screen editing functions, including rich data source formats, various types of visualization components, flexible large-screen Sharing methods and a deeply optimized visual editing experience.

So far, Leyard Group has completed the construction of ecological software and hardware platforms including data identification and processing, signal control, image processing, content display, environmental control, etc. for LED display systems, forming an integrated control platform, leading show Integrated broadcast control platform, leading show central control platform, big data visualization platform, leading show reporting platform, smart light pole cloud, intelligent Internet of things cloud platform, dream visual 3D visualization platform, suitable for multi-field, multi-industry, Comprehensive application solutions for multiple scenarios.

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Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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