“5g commercial, load-bearing first”, 5g is ushering in the climax of large-scale commercial in 2020, load-bearing is the key to achieve 5g global commercial acceleration. Huawei’s latest annual report today shows that by the end of 2019, its 5g bearer solutions have been deployed to more than 90 operators around the world and continue to lead the construction of 5g bearer network.

Huawei's 5g bearer solution has been deployed in more than 90 operators in the world, i.e. the world's leading delivery volume of 200g port

According to the annual report, Huawei has built a 5g carrier network with data center as the center, service level agreement can be promised, and single ratio cost is the best through the industry-leading architecture, innovative products and technologies to help operators succeed in 5g business.

In the field of IP, based on flex slice, srv6 delay routing, and iifit flow real-time detection, the company has built an intelligent simple 5g bearing network with guaranteed bandwidth, promising delay and high reliability through the nce intelligent brain. In 2019, it has been commercially used in Zhejiang Mobile, Beijing Unicom, Sichuan Telecom, MTN, zain and other operators. According to IHS Markit data, Huawei router will continue to maintain the first market share of operators in 2019 with its leading technology and market in 5g bearer network.

In the field of optical transmission, the company helps operators build an all-optical transmission network base with the best single bit cost by improving the single fiber capacity and simplifying the single station configuration. Huawei launched the industry’s first optical cross OXC equipment, reducing station space and power consumption by about 80% compared with traditional equipment, which has been deployed in more than 30 operators such as Sichuan Telecom; for 5g DWDM transmission equipment, it supports super The capacity of C-band is 120 waves, about 25% higher than that of the industry; the transmission distance of 200g is more than 1100km, more than 70% longer than that of the industry, and it is commercially available in more than 150 operators such as Telecom Italia. According to IHS Markit data, in 2019, Huawei’s 200g port shipment volume is the world’s leading, leading the 200g scale business.

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