On December 21, 2020, Huawei’s whole house smart and smart screen new product launch was held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and Huawei’s smart screen s series was officially released. This series is a new member of Huawei’s smart screen family. It has six models with three screen sizes of 55, 65 and 75 inches. Based on the distributed capability, complete ecology and continuous updating of Hongmeng system, Huawei smart screen s series breaks through the limitations of hardware and software upgrading of traditional TV, and is committed to realizing that smart interaction is not outdated, cross screen experience is not outdated, IOT control is not outdated and audio-visual entertainment is not outdated, so as to truly realize “common and constant innovation”, with the price starting from 3299 yuan.

Huawei smart screen s series new products are released, and the "common and constant new" subverts and upgrades the experience

“Often new” subverts and upgrades the experience and creates a family wisdom center centered on the living room

Compared with the traditional manufacturers in the TV field who fix problems through version upgrading, Huawei’s concept of “common and always new” smart screen means that through upgrading, it periodically brings new functions, new scenes and new UI, which makes consumers feel that they have a “new” smart screen every time, completely overturning people’s impression that TV has remained unchanged for N years.

“As the IOT control center, intelligent interaction center, cross screen experience center and audio-visual entertainment center of the family, Huawei smart screen will continue to be upgraded. Huawei smart screen is often used and new, and will not be out of date for ten years.” Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, said at the press conference.

AI insight and continuous calls make “playing TV” a trend

Huawei smart screen s series is equipped with a magnetic AI eye, which supports 1920 * 1080 resolution video call, with very clear picture. It supports large screen to large screen, large screen to mobile phone and mobile phone to large screen. It is innovatively equipped with Changlian call transfer function, which can quickly transfer Changlian calls from the mobile terminal to the smart screen under the LAN, making it more comfortable to chat and communicate.

At the same time, it supports the smart screen to talk with Huawei children’s watch (currently supported model: Huawei smart children’s watch 4x), and supports voice dialing calls, so that the elderly and children can talk freely. Moreover, it supports super minute processing of the video picture returned by the children’s watch, changing the standard definition second to high definition, and making the video call clearer.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei smart screen s series also supports free 4-party 45 minute video calls. You can choose to call again after 45 minutes, unlimited times. Users can join multi-party video calls through multiple series terminals such as smart screen, mobile phone and PC, which is convenient and fast, and the whole family can chat freely anytime and anywhere.

In addition, Huawei’s smart screen s series also adds a remote housekeeping function. When the screen is off or turned on, the mobile phone can remotely call the camera of the smart screen to view the situation at home, so that family care can be online at all times.

120Hz excellent picture quality upgrade deduces the family viewing experience

The upgrade of video, audio and entertainment function is a highlight of Huawei’s smart screen s series. It not only carries a 120Hz high refresh rate screen rarely configured in products of the same price segment (55 inch is not supported temporarily, please pay attention to the official website for details), but also has a 92% dci-p3 wide color gamut, obtains Rhine low blue light and no stroboscopic certification, dual eye protection, and the unique Honghu image quality engine can pass fast, clear and smooth Qiguang gorgeous color display technology, dynamic contrast enhancement technology and fine image processing technology improve the image quality from the aspects of fluency, color performance, sense of hierarchy and clarity, so as to make the picture clearer and smoother, the color more natural and full, and the contrast more vivid.

In terms of audio, Huawei smart screen s series breaks through the traditional industry standard, adopts the 4 * 10W speaker unit scheme, and is equipped with 1L independent large sound cavity, including two 10W full-frequency speakers and two 10W high-frequency speakers. Moreover, the two high-frequency speakers adopt unique patented technology, which can enhance the high-frequency and human voice by 8dB, so that the character dialogue can be heard more clearly when watching movies. At the same time, the patent of virtual sound field expansion technology can break through the physical limitations of speakers, create virtual left and right surround channels on the left and right sides, broaden the sound field and greatly improve the sense of viewing immersion.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike traditional TV, which always applies a set of standard video and audio output effects, Huawei smart screen s series can intelligently judge the content currently being broadcast, and automatically adjust the sound and picture quality to the optimal adaptation according to the needs of the scene, so as to give full play to the hardware ability and bring amazing audio-visual enjoyment. For example, if the currently playing video is a movie, the picture quality mode and sound effect mode will be automatically switched to “Cinema mode”.

It is a professional TV and an excellent entertainment screen

In addition to the optimization and upgrading of sound and picture quality, Huawei smart screen s series has also opened up a new field of smart screen entertainment, equipped with distributed games and smart screen k-song functions. Among them, distributed games support the use of mobile phones instead of game handles. When playing racing games, users can control them by calling the touch screen and gravity sensor or gyroscope of the mobile phone. The game runs on the smart screen, making the picture clearer and smoother, bringing an immersive and enjoyable game experience.

At the same time, Huawei smart screen s series cooperates with national karaoke to develop new functions of smart screen karaoke. It supports code scanning and song ordering, voice song search, double chorus, intelligent scoring, practice singing mode, teaching singing mode, song recording, etc. at the same time, it supports mobile phone sharing, and can communicate karaoke records and other information with the national karaoke app of mobile phone.

Multi screen and multi device, easy interaction, convenient control and touch

Based on the distributed capability of Hongmeng system, Huawei smart screen s series has also added many innovative selling points in the cross screen experience. For example, on the basis of supporting one touch screen and dual mobile phone screen, it has added a mirror screen privacy protection function. When the mobile phone mirror screen is displayed, it can shield the status bar, notification bar, call reminder and other information of the mobile phone to improve user privacy protection.

Huawei smart screen s series also supports distributed connection with other devices, bringing a new upgrade of cross screen experience. For example, after connecting with the camera selected by Huawei, it can realize the ability of cry detection and automatic windowed reminder (the first sale version is not supported, and it is supported through OTA upgrade later); After connecting the visual doorbell, even sitting in the living room, the user can observe the situation outside the door through the smart screen and have a voice conversation at the same time (the first sale version is not supported, and it is supported through OTA upgrade later).

In terms of smart control screen, Huawei smart screen s series can visually display large screen images on the mobile phone side, and can switch channels, select films, search films, and even set some system parameters through mobile phone touch. At the same time, based on the pain point of inconvenient text input on the large screen, Huawei smart screen s series has added the mobile phone input assistance function. After this function is turned on, if the smart screen detects the need to input text, the mobile phone side will pop up the input assistance notification reminder, making the large screen text input more efficient and convenient.

The whole house smart home controls your intimate smart housekeeper

With far-field sound pickup capability and large screen, Zhihui screen is the control center of smart home. Huawei smart screen s series home page can show the status of smart home devices. The status display is dynamically updated with the status change of the device. Click the smart home device icon to enter the details and control page of smart home devices. At the same time, it supports one button direct access to smart space with the remote control, and real-time control of the home status of the whole house.

Huawei smart screen s series can also form a more stereo surround distributed sound system with Huawei sound, give full play to their hardware capabilities, and achieve sound effects comparable to those of home cinemas. Zhihui screen has all kinds of low, medium and high frequency audio units, but the ability to play bass and surround effects is limited. The intelligent speaker has better bass units and supports more flexible placement. The distributed sound system makes each device “integrated” and learn from each other’s strengths. After Huawei’s smart screen s series is equipped with two Huawei sound, the audio stream will be redistributed intelligently, changing from 2.0 seconds to 3.1 channels. Moreover, the large screen and speaker adopt Wi Fi high-speed networking. Compared with the Bluetooth networking commonly existing in the industry, it can achieve lower delay and lossless audio transmission and bring an excellent auditory experience.

The Huawei smart screen S55 “60Hz” will be pre sold at Huawei mall and major e-commerce authorized platforms on December 21, 2020, starting from the price of 3299 yuan. It will be officially sold for the first time on December 26. Huawei smart screen S65 “(price of 4999 yuan), Huawei smart screen spro65” (price of 5699 yuan), Huawei smart screen S75 “(price of 6999 yuan) and Huawei smart screen spro75” (price of 7999 yuan) It will be officially launched on January 8, 2021. In the same period, Huawei mate40 Standard Edition (priced from RMB 4999) and Huawei watch hgt2proecg (priced at RMB 2688) will also be officially launched on December 21, 2020.

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