On December 7, the limited number of intelligent glasses of Huawei, such as gentle monster, returned to the market and were officially on sale at 10:08 a.m.

Huawei eyewear smart glasses was released in April this year. The series includes five types, namely smart East moon 01, smart jack by 01, smart south side 01, smart alo 01 and smart alo C1. The first two types are smart sunglasses, the last three types are smart optical glasses, the south side 01 is 1999 yuan, and the other four types are 2499 yuan.

Smart optical glasses, namely smart East moon 01, smart alo 01 and smart alo C1, are on sale at the same price as before.

Huawei smart glasses start selling at 1999 yuan

The simple design of the intelligent glasses is adopted, without any physical buttons. The antenna, charging module, dual microphone, chipset, speaker and battery are integrated into the leg of the glasses, and the frame and lens can be replaced.

A voice assistant is built in the glasses, and users can answer the phone by double clicking the legs of the glasses. At the same time, the glasses also have a charging bag, in which the glasses can be charged wirelessly. It is the first NFC Contactless charging device in the world.

In addition, eyewear also has IP67 waterproof and dustproof, equipped with Bluetooth and usb-c ports, with 20 hours of standby, 2.5 hours of talk and 2.5 hours of music in wearable mode.

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